need quotes for national magazine article


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Hi, everyone-- I'm a writer working on a magazine article about young children (under 10) and psychiatric medications. The article includes children who've received a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ODD, bipolar disorder, depression, pervasive development disorder, and genereal anxiety disorder. I'm hoping to include many different parent perspectives-- parents who found medication a lifesaver for their child, parents who tried medicating their kids but stopped because of an unwelcome response, parents whose doctors recommended medications but are successfully using alternative therapies instead, etc. If you're willing to participate, please email me at [email protected]


Thank you tiredmommy for directing this request to me for validation.

I have contacted the magazine's editor and she verified that magazinewriter's request is legit.


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Cheryl has given the go ahead for this solicitation to move forward. I know our membership will be happy to email our perspectives to magazinewriter. :smile:


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I appreciate that the parent perspective will be included! Will it be necessary for those whose quotes are used to be identified by name? I'd be happy to contribute but would be concerned for my child's privacy.


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I wonder if they would like something from someone who had a child who was on medications at that age but has become a successful adult?

I wouldnt mind even giving my name because my name and his are


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Hi, everyone--

I should have made it clear in my first post that the magazine is willing to assign pseudonyms to parents who prefer not to publish their own name or their child's name. I need to know your name, as well as an email address and a daytime phone number where you can be reached, so I can prove to my editors that I'm interviewing real parents (not making them up!), but those names will be kept private. Only my editors and the magazine's fact-checkers-- who will call or email each quoted parent before publication to verify the story's accuracy-- will have access to real identities.

Our readers are the parents of young children, so I'm looking specifically for cases where parents got a diagnosis early-- ideally before age 6-- but the child can be older than that now. Up to age 10 or so would work for us. Stories of adults looking back on how medication helped them, or didn't, would be great, as well.

To keep our competitors from knowing what story we're working on, I'm not at liberty to reveal the name of my magazine on a public forum like this, but I'll be happy to do so in a private email. My address is [email protected].

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


I conduct academic research on this board, and since many people has contributed to my trying to disseminate a parent perspective that is more balanced than in the literature, I feel as though I should volunteer.

I am like Janet, though, with an adult who was medicated as a young child. I do not know how many times you want the "success" perspective.