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    My daughter tried to commit suicide March 5th. Found out at that time that she had a drug problem. She did 14 days in the hospital for the suicide and 42 days inpatient. She's been doing out-patient three days a week since. Things haven't been good. She's relapsed once that we know for sure. She's been beyond moody and angry. She refuses to take her abilify. She's decided that you can't diagnose Bi-Polar until the age of 20 so she isn't Bi-Polar.

    Anyways, Friday she ran away to live with a Bi-Polar addict Aunt. Yeesterday was the first day I went into her room since. I looked through her stuff to see if I could get a clue on what was going on with her... I found a note inside of a school notebook and I need advice on what to do about this note.

    Here are a few highlights:
    I could kill her (me) when she will least expect it....
    I will take the mashety to her and make her suffer like all the other people I will kill....
    I will get the revenge I deserve....
    I will kill or I will die I need to feel her blood on my hands, I need to cut through her fat flesh or I will go crazy.....

    What do I do?? Do I assume that she was just venting and it means nothing. Or to I take the note to her doctors and her couselor?

    I'm still in shock. I can't think. I'm glad she's not in the house at the moment. And I still love her.
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    Wow. I think I would take those threats serously. They involve you and unamed other people. I would let her counselor know, and maybe she needs to go back to the hospital. Hugs. I am sorry you are dealing with this.
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    I would definately take those to the docs/counselor/police....anyone who can get her little hiney back in the hospital. She's mentally ill, off her medications and isn't stable. Those threats need to be taken seriously.

    If it were me, I would talk to the docs IMMEDIATELY, see what can be done if she's found (if they would be willing to admit her) and then call the police to report her as a mentally unstable runaway. I'm sure that the docs and the police can work together to get her rounded up and admitted. She's under age and still under your legal control and she's a runaway. You should have no problem getting the police involved especially with the doctor's help. need to do this NOW!!! Today! Right this very minute! She needs help and in this frame of mind, she needs to be someplace safe where she can't harm herself or anyone else.

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    Hopefully, your husband is on the same page as you. Is there a plan set up in her current OP program to readmit to IP in case of relapse? If so, will you be able to get her there? Was the IP program a dual diagnosis program? I would think you might seek help there. Also, notify psychiatrist about the note. Good luck. I am so sorry you are experiencing this.
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  5. DaisyFace

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    Those notes would scare the heck out of me, too!

    Unfortunately, after having found similar notes in my own daughter's room--I can tell you that the tdocs may not take it as seriously as you might hope. My daughter's threats were NOT enough to get her admitted anywhere....

    That being said, notify anyone involved in her care....AND take precautions to keep yourself and the rest of your family safe at home. Be ready to call police at any sign of violence. Keep records of everything in case it comes down to a question of sending her to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or sending her definitely want her to get some help.

    Sending ((((hugs))) and support...

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    Poor thing, she needs to be in a hospital. If you try to have her admitted involuntarily you could if you brought the note. Print it out. You don't want her to hurt herself or anyone else while she is so sick. I think an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) might be a good idea AND a safety measure as well. (((Hugs)))
  7. Nomad

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    Well, who can you call to have her re-admitted? It seems that she is saying things that are clear signs that she is a danger to herself and others. She certainly does not seem well enough to be home. I also would consider long term care...perhaps a Restidential Treatment Facility.

    If she returns to be treated, will they provide family therapy? It seems that this might be appropriate at least at some point.

    Was she receiving addiction treatment as well?

    I'm so sorry for all of sounds like a lot of difficulty...a real sorrow for your heart and much stress.
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    So sorry you are going though this!

    Yes, docs & counselors need to know about the note. And about the medication noncompliance. And about the running away. They should be able to guide you as to how to get her back into inpatient care.

    Daisyface is right: Document everything. And make a photocopy of the note and keep it in a separate, safe place. Any idea when she wrote it (before or after hospitalization)?

  9. Mandy

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    I would notify the doctors and counselor immeadiatly about the note. That's what I did when my difficult child started threatening some horrible scenerios and since he is too little to write they were verbal threats. The hard part is not knowing when they might take the step from threat to action. Even if they don't take it as seriously at least you will feel like you are doing everything you can.

    Good Luck!
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    I'll echo the advice already given. She absolutely needs to be in a hospital or like facility ASAP. I doubt that a hospital would keep her long enough to get a better mindset really started, so I'd look for a suitable Residential Treatment Center (RTC) as a follow-up. (If you need suggestions on those, send me a pvt message.) You might also look at alternative hospitals if you feel where she was isn't right. I have no reason to suspect where she was (and don't know it anyway), but it was only the fourth place that "got it right" when my son needed help.
  11. TerryJ2

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    Mom2oddson, I am so sorry.
    My heart goes out to all of you.
    She does need help. It would be wonderful if she would take her medications and get stabilized.
    You've gotten some wise words here from others who have been your route.
    I'm sending support.
  12. Mom2oddson

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    The psychologist that is with our insurance company couldn't help with anything. Could be that we reached max out of pocket for the year. So went out-patient counselor who said to start Youth at Risk. So, we started that process today.
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    I thought of this after my previous post (and I know this is a stretch) - could those words possibly be lyrics to a song? Some teens draw pics and write things on notebook covers; as far as lyrics go, I have listened to music my son likes and many songs have lyrics that are (to say the least) very offensive.

    Does she go on MySpace? If so, any way you could check there to see what she has been up to?