Need some legal/medical advice (graphic)

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    A little refresher back story

    My step dad, B, had prostate cancer a few years back. Because of numerous reasons, radiation was the only treatment he was open to or able to do. I know that radiation, like other medical procedures, come with risks. But what he got was ridiculous. He hasn't had a life in any sense of the word since. His colon is almost literally fried, he has massive internal lesions, a colostomy, pelvic fractures they think from infections in the lesions......he's in horrible shape. And the pain.....the man is on ungodly amounts of morphine. He also has issues with his feet and legs....I saw him tonight and his legs are purple....his feet are bandaged like you would see a leper's bandaged in a movie. The doctors don't know what THAT is from.

    He needs to have his rectum removed and be sewn shut but the radiation did so much damage, he'll never heal. Never.

    He signed the usual paperwork acknowledging the risks when he got the radiation but there's GOT to be some sort of recourse. This is absolutely insane. Advice?
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    I have no idea but that poor man. I am so sorry he is living with this. Is there any chance to got to a wound clinic? Sometimes they can add hyperbaric chamber therapy to aid in as much healing as possible. All they do is heal things so maybe that could give you a fresh perspective.
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    Ask around for a good malpractice attorney. I don't know if he has a case but there is no charge to talk to someone and find out. Search the internet in your area and you should find some good resources. If you don't know anyone personally who can recommend an attorney go with who you feel comfortable with after reading the inofrmation on the internet. We have several excellent malpractice firms here and I know all big cities do also.

    I am so very sorry he is suffering like this.

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    There has to a good malpractice attorney somewhere in your area even if you have to go to the closest major city.
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    You can ask, but honestly? I dunno. I WOULD ask though, because although the procedure does have significant risks, it does sound as if his are above and beyond for acceptable complications. And trust me, you'll never get any medical personnel to admit to you that his complications are anything BUT acceptable.

    I will NEVER under no circumstances EVER do radiation therapy. I made up my mind on that the first time around in nursing school 30 yrs ago, and I've as yet to see a reason to change my mind. It might also stun people that neither will I accept chemotherapy.
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    This sounds far and above any usual complications. It almost sounds like he was given a lot stronger dose of radiation than expected. I would get a copy of ALL medical records INCLUDING surgical notes and go see a malpractice atty. Most hospitals will give you the chart if you ask for the records but they do NOT include surgical notes in the chart. I would specify ALL records including surgical notes, charts, itemized billing records, and ANY other records iwth his name or patient ID on them. Otherwise you will not get everything.

    Esp pore over billing records. Get someone who has some medical background to help you. A malpractice atty should have someone, but it is best to also DIY if you can. They may not note everything in the chart or may remove soemthing, illegal/unethical as that is, but it WILL be in teh billing because it must be paid for and if it wasn't billed for then someone would be in trouble. That is how I knew to ask questions when Wiz had such a horrible reaction after surgery at age 22 mos. That and having him grab his crotch and curl into a ball sobbing "surgy hurts" - I learned that he WOKE UP during an operation on that area and NO ONE told us or even told us that they couldn't fix what they were there to fix because he was given anesthesia that didn't last long enough because the anesthesiologist didn't bother to list to the NINE times he was told in front of ME that they were doing 2 operations at one time.

    Billing records should show if he got more than the expected/normal/usual amt of radiation - that stuff is EXPENSIVE. You have to find someone who knows what the normal amt is though.

    Get an attorney - this is WAY beyond the normal "bad outcome", in my opinion. It shouldn't have ended up this badly. I am so sorry he is in so much pain. If the morphine isn't enough, methadone is often MUCH more effective. Don't be afraid to ask for it for him. I take it and can give info on it if you have questions. Morphine did almost nothing for me.
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    I don't have any advice that hasn't already been put here, but he's in my thoughts...
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    Now I am just the opposite...methadone did basically nothing and morphine Methadone just made me sleepy.
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    All I can say is that radiation therapy gave me a 10 year remission. After that I have needed more treatment(not radiation_ about every 18 months.

    With such devastating complications, I - like the others - would recommend a legal consult.
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    Thank you've given me some good ideas.

    I talked to my mom this evening. On top of everything he may have appendicitis. :slap: