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    I need some suggestions for my 7 yr old son. He is at this time undiagnosed, but having some behavior issues in 2nd grade. He is academically capable of doing his work but just does not want to, so the teacher says. When I ask him he says he doesnt know what to write about (the majority of the issues are regarding journal writing or creative writing activites). He just refuses to write and instead bothers other students.

    When corrected, he will shut down instead of explaining the issue. If a group is disruptive the majority proclaim their innocence, he says NOTHING, and gets the blaim. He will not speak up about any need for help, unfairness he just shuts down and the school says this is a behavior (non compliant) problem.

    I dont know how to make him talk to them. I practice role plays at home, but apparently they dont go to school with him. They did a FBA on him and are talking about him needing to move to an 8:1:1 class. He is VERY verbal at home and with his friends at school, but just shuts down when confronted with a correction or reprimand. If he is corrected for misbehavior early in the day...the WHOLE day is done for him. He cant recover from it for hours sometimes and I dont know what this is or why. The teacher used to say he was just immature and doing it for attention, but if anyone here has other ideas I would very much appreciate it.
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    Hi there. Welcome!

    Can you tell us more about him? I will ask a few questions that will help us help you.

    1/Has he ever been assessed at all? I recommend a neuropsychologist if not.

    2/Are there ANY psychiatric problems or substance abuse on either side of his genetic family tree? This does not include stepfather because this child doesn't have his genes. Sadly, even if they never see their birthparents, they are 50% of them. Does he rage?

    3/How was this child's early development? Did he speak on time? Could he express himself well? Did he make strong eye contact both with your family and strangers? Can he transition well from one activity to another? Do new situations scare him? Any strange quirks or obsessions? Did he play with toys appropriately or just line them up or dismantle them or have no interest in them or creative play? How does he do socially at school? Does he know how to hold a give and take conversation. Does he tend to monologue at people? Finally, does he have a wide variety of interest or does he have a fascination with one or more subjects? Does he seem "clueless" sometimes (especially away from home) and very "with it" at other times, mostly in familiar places? Does he space out?

    I have a son who kind of sounds like yours.

    Others will come along. Sometimes the weekends are slow.