Need to Rant! My 15yo is pushing me!!!


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Today is expected to be 94 degrees. Last night I was talking with my 15 yo son about putting in the air conditioners. He joked he was going to use one of the two in his "room". Ha ha... I said. NO YOU AREN'T.

His "room" is the garage. He moves his bedroom out to the garage every spring/summer. His buddies will come over and they'll play video games and skate board in there, yadda, yadda.

So I just went to let the puppy out of the garage, cuz she sleeps with him and he's in charge of her care... and what did I find? The garage is a cool, comfy 67 degrees and the BEST AC is sticking out of the window!

Funny how he had NO CLUE how to put the ACs in the windows yesterday, but figured out how for the garage... Hmmmm...


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Love the space heater idea, but have something to add.

Go buy some lovely piece of fish and hide it in the garage. Yummy, that smell will go wonderfully with the space heater!

Gotta love kids!


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AC is out of the garage.

Puppy took care of the nasty smell in garage... a few times.

And he had to install two ACs in the house today.

Ahhh... so much nicer now... :smile: