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    Sooooo.... on that issue with the bulletin board? I have yet to hear anything more from the school. Case conference should be in the works, but again, I've heard nothing from the school since last Friday. At all. About anything.

    When we went to her therapist today, her case manager had given her the low down on Friday. First I'd heard about there being a sub instead of her regular teacher. Even Kiddo didn't mention that. And yes, how he (the sub) handled the situation most certainly did cause an escalation. This guy also subs in the ED room.

    Can I call for a manifestation hearing if I get a bill for her damages? I do NOT want this guy working with my kid again, he obviously does NOT know how to deal with her. I told her flat out in front of the therapist that if he subs in her class again to go to the ED room or the nurse and call me, she can spend the day at home. She said he might not let her and I said "What is he going to do? Restrain you? He puts a hand on you and he better hope I don't find him first."

    What is the best way to handle this with the school?
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    I missed what happened (sorry) but it sounds like difficult child had a meltdown at school and damaged a bulletin board, right? I would definitely call for a manifestation meeting because the behavior was a direct result of her disorder (and a clueless adult, apparently). You also need to submit in writing to difficult child's CM and team members any part of her IEP that was not followed and make sure it is entered into her record so that the school will have a difficult time justifying sticking you with a bill.
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    CM is all about what is best for Kiddo, not what is best for the school, I have no doubts on that. Any meeting must include her and therapist or I tell them to reschedule. CM knows her IEP and wants to push to add more supports already, this backs her up as well. I wasn't sure if I could call for a MH if I got a bill for it or not. Also not sure how to best inform the school to call me or move her and how unhappy I am with that sub. Kiddo has a sub tomorrow (who scheduled a teacher's meeting on the day of their xmas show? oy!) but already knows it's a different sub. Kiddo broke down in tears at therapist's, saying how her regular teacher would have handled it so much better.
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    I'd call for the MH whether you get a bill or not... the school personnel have to understand and be accountable for implementing her IEP. Does she have a BIP?
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    Yes, she has a BIP so far as I know.

    Could you tell me more about how a MH goes please? The process, what to expect, the whole nine yards? New territory for me.
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    OK I'm bookmarking this thread. I'd like to know this as well.
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    I have looked this up tons of times, how to do a manifestation det. meeting before the 10 days of suspension etc. I did formally request it in elementary school and they pulled together a quick IEP meeting and everyone stipulated to the fact that it was all due to his disability (honestly at this point I dont even know what would NOT be part of it, sigh) so we never had to go there.

    Anyway, I have not found any guidelines on doing it before the traditional 10 days of suspension.

    Guide to manifestation determination hearing: Handling a Manifestation Determination Review: A "How To" for Attorneys - Wrightslaw

    page to start and links for behavior stuff: Discipline & Behavior Problems - FAQs, Articles, Law, Cases, Free Publications & Resources from Wrightslaw

    bottom line it seems it was related to her disability and that the staff didn't follow her IEP/BIP well so they need to say point by point how they did or did not follow the BIP. What happened first next next etc... and what words, tone of voice, etc.

    If they made any move out of line??? wow. But they haven't actually said you have to pay yet right?
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    No, no word on payment, Kiddo just knows the board is not back up yet. Her punishment was one day spent in the ED room.
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    The manifestation hearings I had with- thank you were basically just the IEP team gathering, reviewing the behavior, filling out the forms that said it was a manifestation of his disability, and then we'd review/revise BIP. A couple times it resulted in a change in placement as well.

    I do think at the very least you should request an IEP mtg, if not MH, to review BIP and to get documented that it was not followed and that sub escalated the situation.

    ETA: Doesn't seem to be the norm, but we held MHs before thank you hit the 10-day suspension limit. Possibly due to severity of his behaviors (he was a very unsafe kid), but I remember having almost monthly MHs/IEP mtgs when he was 8 and 9.
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    The IEP mtg has already been requested, had in fact been requested by her ED teacher a few days prior to the incident. I sent in my requests of who is to be there, which is the same email I haven't heard back on yet. ED teacher likes to do reviews in the middle of the year instead of at the year end, so something is in place when the next year starts with no questions. Therapist has already emailed CM with her available schedule for it. Thanks!