Neighbor boy menacing my easy child`

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by sweetiegirlz, Oct 10, 2007.

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    A neighbors kid who is a boy age 9 or so in the same grade as my easy child girl age 9, attacked her without provocation about a week ago.

    she was riding on her scooter and he came behind her on his bike and punched her very hard in the head so that she fell off. then when she got back up he came back and pounded her in the back!

    At the time I was as mad as any mother would be in that situation and I immediately sought out the boy and grabbed him by the wrist and brought him to the parents.

    I said to them: "your son did so and so to my daughter. This first time is a freebie, next time your I will report your son to the apartment manager."

    Well, yesterday, this boy is still menacing her with words and threats. He is extremely agressive for ABSOLUTELY NO PROVOCATION. I have told my kids to stay away from him. He obviously has very extreme agression issues which became apparent when I walked him home to mom and dad, the first thing his mom did was smack him upside his head!

    But he told my easy child yesterday, "your mom is a piece of sh**"
    uhhhh huh. nice.

    considering what i know now about CD's how should I approach this?
  2. Josie

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    I would tell the apartment manager right away about the first incident and that he continues to bother your child. I would also tell the parents that he continues to bother your child and suggest that he shouldn't be outside unsupervised. I wouldn't let my child be outside unsupervised either while this boy still lives there.

    If this is happening around the bus stop, I would also tell the school.

    After all my reading here, I tend to be sympathetic to other people's difficult child's but not to the point of allowing them to knock my kid off from her bike.
  3. Wiped Out

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    I agree I would tell the apartment manager. I would also be very tempted to call the police as well if things continue.
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    Call the police and fill them in on what has been going on. This is what the police told us to do, regarding the ongoing bullying of difficult child 3. Because we HADN'T been telling the police for kids simply calling him names or throwing stones, when difficult child 3 was finally injured the police treated it as an isolated incident. Now I heard today that only a few days ago, the same kids attacked another Asperger's kid, really badly. And the family haven't told the police, they think it's only their kid and it's a series of isolated incidents.

    The police may not be able to do anything, but they will document. You should also document, including making a not of each time you call the police and who you spoke to. That way, should anything bad happen (and not necessarily to your child) then the police already have a file on what has been leading up to it.

    If in doubt call the police and ask them, "Should I be reporting this officially to you? I do not want to waste your time, but I do want my children to be safe."