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    I've found myself in a position that I'm not totally positive on how to handle it. It's a little long, so sorry in advance for that.

    My family just picked up another dog yesterday. He's the most wonderful, well behaved, mild mannered, loving and affectionate dog (and obedient too) you could ever ask for. He's a 1 year old lab, 100% lab with nothing else in him (you'll see where I'm going with this in a minute).

    Today husband and I were in and out of the house because we're slowly moving things to our other house. We had our oldest lab (2 yrs old) on an above head run, and since our newest lab doesn't take off, we let him out to play with the other dog and entertain my daughter. Let me back up a minute to give you more history. I was in the post office earlier to pick up the mail and the neighbor came in as well. She was the rudest, nastiest person to me and actually tried to shove me into a wall! (This is the same neighbor that left a voice mail on my phone in November threatening to kill my oldest dog, and that also stole another neighbor's dog and took it out of province to get rid of it). Anyway, husband and I were in and out of the house all afternoon. The newest dog, at the encouragement of my daughter, decided to take a stroll on the road (maybe 2 cars/day total on the road). husband and I were literally carrying a sofa out to the truck and were just about at the back door when we heard my daughter start bawling and going hysterical. It turns out that this wonderful neighbor had decided to threaten my 4 year old child! Yup, THREATEN HER! She threatened to kill the newest dog, or getting rid of him so that my daughter will never again see him (my daughter is very attached to both the dogs).

    Damage control. I literally saw red and told husband to hold me or I'd go over and beat the bejesus out of this broad. Fortunately for me, not only did he hold me back from going out and beating on this insensitive b****, he also suggested to me to call the police. I did.

    About 10 minutes later, the police are knocking on my door wanting to see my dangerous pitbull. They also said that my pitbull had scared my neighbor and she was fearful for her life. Yeah, she's referring to a purebred lab as a pitbull? And he's so fierce that he'll lick your face all day if you let him.

    I got to talking to the officer, which ironically is the same officer that dealt with my daughter and the sexual assault file. He's become extremely protective of my daughter, and was very happy to hear how everything is going with everything that I'm doing for her. He's even noticed a huge change in her now. Anyway, back on topic again, he was telling my daughter and I to be careful of the neighbor because she's a "bad person." He pulled me aside and explained to me that she's got a long rap as does her husband. Between the both of them, their rap sheets with the police range from public mischief charges, dog napping all the way up to attempted murder! Thank God my daughter didn't hear that.

    I've assured my daughter that nothing will happen to the dogs (we're attempting to finish moving by the end of the weekend), but she's still terrified that we'll come home one day and the dogs with either be dead on the door step (which she threatened to my daughter), or will be gone forever. I've promised her that I wouldn't let anything happen to anyone (even getting things lined up to get a restraining order on her ... oh I forgot to mention that she claims she's not responsible for her actions because, you'll like this, she's pregnant! UGH!). I don't know what else I can do/say to make my daughter feel secure again that nothing is going to happen to the dogs (even though I'm afraid that something might if we stay here much longer).

    Things were going so well until this. I sure hope she feels like a woman now that she's decided to pick on a 4 year old rather than do the mature thing and talk about her "problem" with either husband or I!
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    That is just awful! Here's hoping you get the move completed with no more incidents. That is just so traumatic for a small child.

    Isn't there more you can do to this woman? Legally, I mean.

    IN the meantime, can you move the dogs to your other house, even if you have to py a sitter to mind the dogs and your daughter there? It would have to be cheaper in the long run.

    Failing that, keep the dogs indoors with an adult sitter. And talk to the police about sending the bill to the neighbour!

  3. Hound dog

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    Keep the dogs inside and only let them out when you are right there with them. Keep even the new dog on a leash or tie out. No sense in taking chances with someone who is obviously more than a bit psychotic.

    And move as fast as humanly possible. OMG! Talk about the neighbors from hades!

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    Oh dear.
    I am glad you called the police. There is something very wrong there (and the ofc validated it for you) and you need to have documentation. Write down the date and time of the police visit and why.
    And keep an eye on your dogs and daughter at all times.

    by the way, we had some really crummy neighbors a while back (I posted a long time ago about them) and all of the neighbors got together and continuously called the police and Soc Svs, as well as checked on back taxes, to find a way to force the neighbors out. It can be done. The good part is that when one neighbor gets tired, another steps up to the plate. You go around the block and ea person takes a turn. It sounds awful, but when you've got Soc Svc and the police involved anyway, it's a matter of safety, so we did not feel at all badly about it. We wanted to take our neighborhood back.
    Check with-your "good" neighbors and see what you can do. Be sure to be discreet.
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    Definitely the neighbors from hades.

    husband and I were moving more stuff today and she was out there watching our every move, and when we came back she miraculously appeared out of nowhere to just sit on her front stoop and watch us. Talk about creepy!

    I wrote it all down and am keeping a copy of it at both houses as well as on all the computers. I've also been taking pictures of all the rooms and keeping a list of everything that's still in the house just in case her hubby decides to break in here. I talked to another neighbor about it and she wasn't overly surprised. It's become a common sight to see a police car at the other neighbor's house for something.

    husband and I are the temporary dog pound for the area, but neither of us feel comfortable enough to confiscate her 3 dogs and all 4 puppies so we're trying to arrange for another area's pound to pick up the dogs. Earlier in the day she had the puppies on her front stoop and when they started yipping she got angry with them and slammed all 4 of them in the face with her door! There's issues of health and safety for her biggest dog as well.

    The good news is that we're almost completely moved into the other house, but will have to wait a few weeks before we can finish moving. Also because of the problems that she's causing, the police have been coming around more frequently and are keeping a very close eye on her. My daughter is feeling more confident that nothing is going to happen to the dogs now that she's talked to her favorite cop and heard him promise her that he won't let anything happen to the dogs.
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    About her treatment of the dogs...
    Can the ASPCA do something about prosecuting this woman? Or am I reading things correctly that you ARE the local APSCA person?
  7. TerryJ2

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    I'm glad the police are coming around more often. I'm sure their presence is reassuring.
    You know, people who abuse animals also abuse people ... soc. wkrs are now trained to spot warning signs. Just thought I'd throw that in, but I'm preaching to the choir.
    Best of luck.
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    I am the ASPCA here, which is why I'm still working at getting them from a neighboring city. I don't want to take any chances of it looking like I'm taking the puppies out of spite. Lately I've been swamped with animal abuse cases here which are all pointing back to her or her husband (like 2 dogs being tied literally neck to neck and hog tied). The majority of the cases have been referred to the police, who are really looking closely at the problem and who's made the threats.

    TerryJ, you're absolutely right about the abusers. From what I've seen and experienced, animals are the first to be abused because they're the most helpless. The police presence is very reassuring.

    I've actually had another run-in with her with my own dogs and hers, and I'm left just shaking my head dumbfounded. The same dog of hers that came and antagonized my 2 dogs later tried to attack both of my dogs (mine are both purebred labs). I had mine on leash because I was taking them for a walk and her dog escaped. She kept muttering under her breathe about my dogs but I kept my mouth shut. It wasn't until she was walking away with her little dog, telling it that it could kill my dogs that I opened my mouth. I told my dogs not to waste their time on that little mutt because it would just be a teaser for them, not even a snack. I'm shaking my head dumbfounded now because she's trying to act like we're the best of friends!
  9. susiestar

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    Don't let your guard down. Even with increased police presence, there are still many many moments she could hurt or kill oneo f your animals, hurt your child (seems psycho enough to do this) or steal stuff from your current home OR your new one. ALL she needs to know to find the new addy is to follow you one day as you leave with a load of stuff for the new house.

    Use the time/date stamp on pics of the house - and take new pics as often as possible, pref every time you leave the house in her neighborhood.

    ALSO don't forget to take pics of the NEW HOUSE in case she or a crony figures out where it is and breaks in there - police presence hasn't been increased there because she is not there. So it would make a good target, esp if she can be friendly and figure out where the new house is.

    Maybe my mind is twisted, but it seems like precautions need to be taken at the new house too.

    Sorry you can't move all your stuff ASAP and get AWAY from this woman.
  10. Hound dog

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    I agree with Susie. Keep your guard up and watch the new house as well.

    This sort of person is only friendly for a reason..........they have something up their sleeve.

  11. Andy

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    That woman's baby is going to have a horrid life! I hope CPA keeps an eye open. Though I would be very surprised if she actually is pregnant - sounds like a stupid made up excuse on her end.

    Gee, wonder if she has a very long non-ending pregancy with all those police records on her? Most people would blame it on PMS, not pregnancy.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'm so sorry for anyone who has to endure I.N.S. (Idiotic neighbor syndrome) In my life I've had a few, and now my Mom doesn't understand why I want to continue to move to a place with no neighbors.

    That being said - and you being the obvious bigger person (figuratively) if she is indeed pregnant...I would video tape and walk and talk on my property. Let her hear you saying things like "We're moving to our new house, this is how we are leaving our old house. My brother in law is a deputy and has promised to send someone by to keep an eye on our old home." THen walk out back - and video tape the dogs - playing, lively - and say on the tape "These are our two labradors, nice healthy furkids, just had their complete physicals at the vets and they got an A+ report card on their health."

    THen I would walk around front and video tape the front of your house and leave a lamp (even if you had to go to goodwill and buyjunk lamps to put in each room) on in every room illumination like the 2nd coming.

    I'd also pan my video camera over to her yard and get her license plate numbers....and I'd video tape my air conditioner, and say things on the tape like "Here is our outside AC unit - intact." and then under everywindow and in front of every door I would drop a load of sand and brush it with a broom so that to a burglar it looks like plain sand but to you it looks like a footprint. And inside I would buy (again cheap) baby powder and dust every carpet in my house with it - and redust everytime YOU walked in there for any reason. It vacuums up nicely and easily - and leaves a fresh scent for the new owners - BUT it leaves a trail of footprints in your house and not everyone is going to carry baby powder to rob your home.

    Double check all your locks - video tape as you go.

    You can also use flour if you don't have baby powder for the kitchen careful because it can be slippery on linoleum.

    It may be a good idea to get a sign (buy one if you have to) from an alarm company and for looks you can always get some thin wire and hang it IN the windows if they are ground level so that a thief would consider that hanging wire was actually an alarm wire.

    YEah - I've lived in a lot of crummy places with crummier neighbors....

    As far as the dogs? I wouldn't push my luck - they would be in a kennel.

    ANd just for kicks - I would buy a tape recorder and go to the acutal Humane Society and record barking dogs ALL DANG DAY and then sit the recorder with an amp and great speakers with tweeters and WOOFERs in my yard on a table - then let it play woof woof woof all day long.

    But I'm not so nice some days. :surprise:
  13. witzend

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    You must be on your last nerve with this woman. I hope that everyone will stay safe in the time it takes you to move. What a horrible situation!
  14. DDD

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    I'm so sorry. Personally I would make very very sure that she doesn't know your new address. That's probably why she is "acting friendly" so she will have access at your new locale. Yikes. DDD
  15. 2daughters

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    I like your ideas Star. I must be one of the rare few that carries baby powder because I've got bucket loads of it! It won't be hard for her to overhear me talking on video because every time I go outside, she sits on her front stoop and watches me.

    Apparently she is going to the hospital this coming week to have a baby, so she told the police. To me, she doesn't look like she's pregnant at all. I've had my doubts right from the day she first announced to us that we HAD to snowblow her driveway because she's pregnant. Fortunately for husband, he listened to me when I told him some of the things I used to do while I was pregnant (working on cars, moving etc to name a few) otherwise he'd have been suckered in. As far as the baby, if she is indeed pregnant, I'm pretty sure she'll do with that one the same she did with the other one. That is, let Mommy dearest raise it for her. I guess she couldn't handle raising a baby and taking care of 1 pyrenese (sp) puppy and 2 **** zhu's so she sent the kid on its way.

    I really like the barking dogs idea. I'll have to wait until the other neighbors leave for their vacation in a few weeks before I do that. I'm just waiting for the right time and I'm going to be tossing all HER dogs poop back into her yard as well (normally I'd just grumble and pick it up, but not with her any more).

    As far as my new house goes, it's just over an hour away. husband and I have got some precautions in place there already, and we've already become quite friendly with the neighbors there. We've asked the neighbors if they could drive past the house and keep an eye on who comes/goes from there on their way home (there are no neighbors right by the house but nearby).

    She can play nice to me all she wants. I'm not falling for it. She can try to chat me up, but when I've made up my mind that I'm not going to talk apparently it's pretty hard to convince me otherwise. I usually just stand there looking at her and thinking of all sorts of different things about her intellectual level (which seems to really be lacking) and not say a word. She's tried rubbing herself up husband at one point, but he pushed her aside and told her if she did that again she'd have herself a court date.
  16. 2daughters

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    Sorry for bringing this one up again. I need to get this off my chest or I'll never be able to sleep.

    My neighbors are at it yet again. Both my dogs were on their run outside and my difficult child was playing with them. My youngest lab got off his run and my daughter went hysterical. She remembered the threats of that broad next door, and she was genuinely terrified.

    Now, I'm terrified for not just both my dogs lives, but my daughters life AND my life. That girl next door's husband was home today and he threatened to kill both dogs and myself, and he issued a threat to my daughter. He tried to goad me into a fist fight, and when that didn't work he started hurling every obscenity he could at me to the point of actually calling me names. My dog might have got off his run but he didn't manage to get out of the yard at all. This criminal (he's got a record miles long; got that info from the police themselves) started throwing things at myself, my daughter and my dog. I called the police, and gave my statement when they arrived. When I'd finished they went next door and arrested him and put him in jail for a couple hours for issuing threats.

    He came home while I was hiding at my other neighbor's house, and didn't realize that he was actually trying to hide in some shrubbery in the back of his yard, watching my daughter's every move and mine as well. When he saw that I was going to be escorted home by the other neighbors, he promptly got into his vehicle and started driving around my place (he drove around it approximately 8-10 times according to the other neighbors that saw him). I called my husband up (who was a day's drive away from me) to tell him what's going on and to beg him to do something to get home.

    I did report that to the police because to me that constant circling of my place is stalking (which is believed by the neighbors he was doing because I moved MY vehicle so that I could sneak out and away without having them being able to watch me). The police told me that it's not considered stalking and explained to me that the neighbors are entitled to circle my place as much as they want because they're neighbors (not a very good excuse but I'm leaving it as that for the time being).

    I've had my other neighbors "visiting" and helping me to pack necessities for all of us until my husband can get home in a couple days and we can finish moving the rest of the necessities and get other utilities hooked up. I've got my biggest dog constantly at my side for protection because I just don't trust those psychopaths. There's a no direct/in direct contact order on him, but that won't stop him.

    My daughter, dogs and myself are now going into hiding. Besides the police, only the other neighbors that have been here with my daughter and I through this whole ordeal know where we're going to be. I'm not sure when I'll be able to come back to this house without someone with me to ensure our safety, but I know I'll have to come back when Crown Counsel has the court date set (yup, there's quite a few charges against him now because he also tried to attack the police officer while he was being arrested).

    This feels an awful lot like the battered wife syndrome especially because I'm going to be leaving in the dead of night to go to my safe place. I also know that the "husband" is capable of pretty much anything and am taking his death threats seriously because he's been bragging about punching his mother in law in the face because she "wouldn't shut up." Nice guy.
  17. Lothlorien

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    Hi There. I don't know the whole and complete story, but it sounds like you need to get your stuff out of that house as soon as possible and while you are there, you need to make sure that you have someone with you at all times. Do not bring your dogs or your daughter, no matter what.

    With that said....can you have a moving company get the rest of your things?
  18. 2daughters

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    Fortunately I've already moved the majority of the things to my other house already, so I really only need to bring basics and food. First light, about 5am, I'm going to take video's and pictures of the inside and outside of the house on my way out of here. My dogs and daughter are leaving the house with me at the same time, on our way to our other house and the safe place. No real utilities there other than power, but it's livable this time of year. Tonight the police have been hanging out nearby.

    I did talk to a couple other neighbors to see if they could keep an eye on the house and to call the police if anything is broken/moved from someone breaking in. Anything that's of value in the house is going into the safe if I can't cram it into my truck. I did find out from one neighbor that her husband had a run-in with this guy early in the morning. The one I've got charges pending against tried the same tactics with her husband until he used a menacing tone - but the criminal wouldn't leave his property at all and cowered once the other guy stood his ground. It's not surprising that this criminal neighbor backed down to a man because he is a woman beater. He brags about beating his m-i-l, and we all know he's beaten his wife (the criminal I'm talking about).

    My husband has arranged for all the guys in the neighborhood and a few of his buddies, all of whom are well over 6ft and tough-looking, to help finish moving the rest of the stuff from this house. I guess their thinking is 8-10 big guys around the house will scare the you-know-what out of this coward (who's only about 5ft7). I plan on going shopping in another city, away from the other house, for the day. I won't be coming back here unless I'm escorted by the police.