Nephew Assessment UPDATE

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Jun 1, 2012.

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    He got hisIEP. And for those of you who are given IEP's to sign at assessment meetings...her district drafted it there and will present it and she is NOT ALLOWED to turn it in for at least 24 hours. They tell all parents to take them home and review it. That is how the schools I worked in did it too. Just makes sense.

    Anyway, always nice to hear that the process can work. SO, he has ADHD, is failing four of six classes in 7th grade, and the testing showed lots of processing problems and executive function problems. Sister asked ex to the meeting andhe came! He told them he too was failing school at that age until a sp ed teacher helped him and he did well after that (he still takes adhd medications at 49). Now that it is a done deal, he is actually optimistic about it and gets it that he will not be taking a "short bus" like his cousin Q. Gotta love that kid (and I do)
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    Sounds promising. And there is NOTHING wrong with the short bus. It's the one that the cool kids ride. (that's why there's less room) there are FEWER cool kids.
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    Sounds very good so far. :)

    I was never allowed to take mine out of the meeting for review. Heck, it irritated the snot out of them that I sat and read through the entire thing again before I signed it. Not that it did me much good.....they rarely followed it worth a darn anyway.
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    Good for him!! Glad they figured it out before he gets to high school where EVERYTHING counts.