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    So we had mini-neruopscyh evaluation done a few weeks ago, mainly just Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) testing as part of an IEE (the school woudn't pay for full neuropsychologist, only an autism evaluation).

    The lady and I talked for a good 2 hours a different day and she said as long as "nothing surprising" came up she would just call me with her findings.

    She just called. She wants to meet.

    I can't meet until next Tuesday though because we're leaving town. WTH is she going to tell me that she doesn't want to tell me over the phone? :'(
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    :Grouphug:Big hug! I know how nerve racking that is.
    What I think: "nothing unusual" would be that your difficult child is not on the Autism spectrum.
    According to your signature he has a diagnosis of Aspergers, so... chances are she did find that he is on the spectrum. But you know that already. She probably just confirms what you already know. If anything, she might have a little bit more details/insight that will help you help your difficult child.
    Easier said than done, but don't worry too much. Try to keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of it.
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    Sending Hugs Rabbit
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    I know it has to be nerve-racking but really try and enjoy yourself as you head out of town. I would bet that ktllc is correct and it will mostly be confirming much of what you already know. Hugs!
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    Don't fret! Relax! There's nothing you can do until next Tuesday. It could turn out to be good news. Why get worked up over something that you don't know is going to be bad?
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    SHe had a cancellation this afternoon so she called this morning and asked me to come in. I still have no answers [​IMG]

    A summary of her results: he's depressed and anxious...he "might" have mild aspergers but its hard to tell at his age.

    She said the behavior scores I reported were "off the charts" and that would usually mean to them that the PARENT is certifiably psychotic and should be hospitalized. uhhh......

    He doesn't recognize my role as a parent and authority figure, he sees us more as equals (duh) and its causing him anxiety and confusion. He's letting loose @ home because its "safe".

    She doesn't know why he's depressed or anxious but that's why he's acting out angrily and aggressively because at his age he doesn't know how to express those emotions.

    She said the other doctor likely diagnosed him Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) because of the differences in his cognitive abilities and social deficits, but THIS doctor thinks if it was that his behavior would be more extreme everywhere, not just home. SHe said socially she "might" consider mild aspergers, he made "some" eye contact in their meeting. Oh, also he's VERY attached to me (shocker...I can't even take a shower by myself) and that doesn't fit the "classic" signs. (nevermind the fact that except for family he doesn't attach to anyone).

    SO, I don't know. I think the original testing was more thourough and I tend to believe that and his psychiatrist who sees him every month over this lady, not because I don't think she's qualified, I just think the other dr spent more time with him doing more tests....

    And to be honest, after thinking for 2 years that he had aspergers, I see it more and more every day.

    So....Who knows.....
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    Oy. At this point I automatically tune out anyone who indicates in any way that they consider "classic symptoms" as the only symptoms.
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    Honestly, Jenn, they've only tossed one surprise at me with my older difficult child and Wee, and that was when they threw disordered attachment into the mix.

    EVerything else they've labeled him with, I saw coming.

    Hugs. Glad you got in before you leave least you don't have that looming.