Netflix Documentary NOT to Watch!


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I just watched a documentary about Britain's Prohibited Dogs law called Death Row Dogs. Do NOT watch, esp not all the way to the end.

Britain has a law prohibiting dogs of certain breeds like pit bulls. THey impound the dogs and measure them to see if they fit the 'breed' measurements - basically as long from the tail to the shoulders as they are tall from the foot to the shoulder and a muzzle of a certain size, etc...

It doesn't matter if the dog is properly socialized, etc... It doesnt matter if it has ever bitten anyone or not. If the people in charge of executing the law say it fits the breed standards, regardless of the actual breed of the parents, the court can and will order it destroyed.

At the end of the show they feature a dog being executed up close - you actually see it taking its last breaths. I am still crying from it - the dog they showed was really sweet but the idiot people who owned it were previously convicted of cruelty and lived in a little apartment and didn't care for it properly. The poor baby never hurt a soul, it just looked 'wrong' and wasn't fully grown.

The law has done nothing to prevent people being harmed by dangerous dogs - they even say the number of attacks is growing and destroying dogs isn't helping any.

Don't watch this, at least not to the end where they show this poor dog's death. It is just awful.


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I have read that several countries in Europe have these terrible laws. What if we tranferred such rules to humans? We know what that looked like in the past. I am sad.

Consequences and punishment should be based on behavior. Never on origins.