neuro psychiatric apt today

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    scared to death yet excited to get this moving. I know we wont know anything today, this is just an evaluation so she can determine what tests to give him and hopefully we will schedule the testing on the way out.
    Of course, this has happened before, he has been a good kid these last few days. Not sure if its a good streak, schools getting out so there is no homework, tball is over, its all fun times right now.....or it could be that I think we know what sets him off so we just dont go there, not really on purpose, but subconsciously we are just rolling with the day and if he starts up we either change the subject or pretend not to hear him. i dunno, i'll what good days I get and hope for more.

    wish us luck, i will post tonight if there is anything to post from todays apt:doctor:
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    I think you are probably right about having some good days right now. I have found that my kids have a period of these too. I agree that it is probably a combination of less stress and parental avoidance of triggers. been there done that and still do on occasion. Just remember to gradually work your way back into things when it is time.

    As for the neuropsychologist today, good luck. Because it involves sitting and concentrating and other things he doesn't have at home right now, it may turn out to be a good thing. Chances are good that the doctor will see some of what you see.
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    Been thinking of you and wondered how the appointment went?
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    Hi all,

    We are home and I am emotionally drained. The apt went well, not as I expected but it went. I arrived about 20 minutes early and thank god i did, there was a ton of insurance issues. By the time that was all taken care of, it cut into the apt by 20 minutes. I went thru everything, gave her everything she asked for and answered all her questions. She informed me that these apts were not covered by my ins until i met my deductible of 3k (ouch), she also mentioned ins issues where he is so young, that fact that he hasnt been to a neurologist yet. but she was going to recommend 10 hours to the insurance company, she has never seen them approve 10 hours, she is hoping they approve 8 hours. I guess my insurance pays her the least per hour, not my fault. anyways i felt a little rushed but I understood. She asked a few questions like does bi polar or add/adhd run in your family, that scared me. I think she said she wants to test him for add or adhd, bipolar, some language thing (understanding what is being said to him), sensory and transition stuff, and depression, there was a name in front of depresstion but I forget. I think that was it. She met with difficult child for about 3 minutes, had him draw a few pics and she new he would cooperate with her so I dont know what a few pics will show, thats problem why she gets paid the $$
    Now the waiting game, I have to wait to see what, if anything insurance covers, I have no idea how long that will take, hopefully not that long. She said she was booking into mid august now, problem sept by the time I hear from insurance. I can call her if he gets worse or the threating to hurt himself becomes more frequent.

    OK going to take a mental few hours to myself, need sleep.

    thanks for reading
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    I'm glad it's over and hope your insurance will cover it. Don't be afraid. He's really young...anything she sees can be worked with early. Take care :)
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    Happy it went well over all. And you are right: take sometime for yourself. You probably need to "digest" all that happened today.
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    I hope your insurance will cover 10hrs...and I hope you don't have to call her. Take the mental break you deserve it♥