neuro psychiatric evaluation next Tuesday!!

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    Finally, THE evaluation we had been waiting for for soooo long (cancelled over and over because of several misfortunes...). He is a new Doctor in the area. He's coming from a SC University and has over 10 years of experience dxing AND writing plan for autistic kids (although he can diagnosis all kinds of issues).
    I shared my concerns about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) being ruled out too soon. He seemed to understand and assured me that it was NOT ruled in his mind even if one previous evaluation said so.
    He also said that he will do A LOT more than just giving us a diagnosis. He will make a plan with us in order for V to acquire the lacking skills, design a learning program according to his specific learning style.
    V is his first patient in the area, hopefully it will bring us luck! :) (yeah, I know luck has nothing to do with it! just trying to be optimistic).
    He highlighted the importance of having the correct interpretation of V's actions and behaviors. That some things might appear insignificant but in fact are not.
    I so hope we are in good hands!
    That will take the better part of our day, but I'm looking forward to it.
    After reading V's school assesment, how can one deny there is a problem?? He consistantly test with 1 year delay and sometimes 2 years delay (mainly social stuff). A couple of areas are on track. They assessed 38 areas. That is pretty comprehensive. And yet the teacher keeps on telling everyone that "everything is fine" (the assistant does not agree and told me she is actively working on social skills). I will bring that assesment along on Tuesday.
    Ok, needs to relax and patiently wait for Tuesday.
    Any tips?
    (ps: I am keeping a small journal of thoughts and events on V and will bring it with me).
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    Wow, that sounds so hopeful. Really promising news and I hope the promise will be fulfilled... Maybe some answers will finally be awaiting you. (How much is a return flight France - South Carolina? :))
    Strange how teachers want to say everything is fine... why is this, I wonder?
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    Tips.... Bring bags of healthy and if needed not healthy snacks. Inc pbj if he likes it. bring activities that are not TOO hard to stop.... if he wont give up a game boy then leave that at home or in the car. (avoid all power battles) there are times in between, breaks etc. they may provide snack , but maybe not and if like mine at that age he needed his own choices. Now he would love everything.

    maybe spike your pop??? (kidding)
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    Interesting its SC...NC is normally renowned for its autism programs. I have known of people moving into the triangle area just for that reason. Also Fayetteville.
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    Same as why doctors do it. I think IN PART...they dont want to upset the parent. You'd think that isn't so because of the nature of the job, but they are people first, they dont like to upset anyone. There are lots of reasons but really I have been in team meeting rooms where people say to this day, I dont want to say that at this point, he is so young... even though just minutes before EVERYONE agreed it was whatever we felt it was. (usually Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)). But to me that is illegal and immoral. If we have information that can benefit the child, we are obligated to include the parent in on that information. THEY have to live with the decision to wait or not, no one has the right to decide treatment for them. And withholding diagnosis is keeping the child from tx. (of course for many it is just ignorance too)
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    Malika, let's break it down: $2000 for each ticket and $3000 for evaluation out of pocket. So, roughly: $7000! And then, a language, theories and strategies that might not be done or be possible in France. I really don't think it is anything to consider (I know your were kidding, but the idea of having some kind of answer is always appealing).
    Buddy, you are so right: LOTS of snacks! V is ALWAYS hungry and thirsty. And he will not think about anything else until he gets some. As far as activities, I'm pretty lucky. He will entertain himself pretty easily as long he has the right toy (usually a little vehicle or an animal toy).
    Janet, I had no clue NC is renowned for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) programs. Maybe that's why the Doctor is actually moving to NC (Charlotte area)?
    What's so good about our local Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) programs? Would it be through the school?
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    Je vous souhaite bonne chance, madame! I hope someone can sort this out for your family.
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    Lets see... you already have your journal up to date, copies of all previous reports and assessments, medical history... essentially, everything that's supposed to be in a parent report? That's probably the single biggest helper you're going to need.
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    Thanks for the good thoughts 3S.
    IC, I guess you're right: the most important is covered.
    Wow... I can't believe we might have some closure before Christmas!! That would be a great gift.