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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by wintak, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. wintak

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    Hi all

    If I want a neuro psychiatric I have to request that through his psychiatrist (who has dropped us) or can I just call up and tell them I want a neuro psychiatric evaluation?

    And how do I find a neuro psychiatric? That specific title doesn't exist on my insurance website.

  2. keista

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    I'm guessing insurance will want a referral. My psychiatrist said that it would have to come from the pediatrician. I've got a 'generous' public plan that pays for lots of things the other plan didn't, but even they don't want to pay for neuropsychologist without "really good cause".
  3. jennd23

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    I would definately call your insurance company first. It really depends on the type of plan you have if you need a referral or not. The one we went to is just listed as psychologist/counselor on my insurance website.

    I just called them directly to set up the appointment. you could also consider asking the school for a list of recommended providors, ours had a list and testing was a section in it, that's actually where I found the one we went to.
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    i just called one--i didnt need any referral (i have a PPO ins co, no referrals needed for that) but i did need precertification from my insurance co which the office handled for me for the small portion they paid. i'm sure if some kind of doctors referral is needed the office will gladly tell you....just ask when you call.

    at the time, we didnt even have a psychiatrist or a therapist, just a regular pediatrician who wouldnt know us if we were standing in front of her.

    i googled neuropsychologist* +my state and then neighboring state to come up with a name.
  5. DDD

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    Our school board special education had a list. In fact, since difficult child had an IEP and was having difficulties, they paid what my insurance did not cover. We live in a smaller community and I just googled each resource they provided and went with the group that appeared to have the best history, best team of specialists etc. In our case we drove to the coast because that group seemed outstanding. DDD
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    good idea about Special Education group--our group of parents is always happy to give out our resources. If there is a ADD group in your area, an early intervention program they might be able to help provide a name.