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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 6, 2008.

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    so i've been told by various doctor's that a neuro pysch evaluation. is only as good as the doctor who reviews the findings. this makes me nervous especially since the columbia hospital thing didn't work out due to their lack fo competence.

    i do understand that they are certain standarized tests that they will give her. yet the first parent interview whereas with columbia would of been 3 hours with me alone so i could give them complete symptoms,etc i'm being told by the new neuropysch that i have to bring my difficult child with me for it (due to insurance reasons) for hte interview.

    so all in all i'm disappointed was really hoping to get some clarity here and was totally looking forward to columbia yet now it's all changed.

    i know many of you have done this before. do you find that you need to get several neuropysch evaluation's or just one?

    i was looking forward to doing it in a controlled setting, etc. 3 days away at hospital. this will be done now while she's bouncing in and out of school.

    we're getting tired at home we really are. she's in our bed everynight, gave her chlonidine one night because she was flying last night was 1 a.m. it's so not good for her the little sleep she's getting.

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    difficult child has had one- 2 years ago. I was told last year that he didn't need another. Maybe at some point in time it would help to have a second one done, especially if it seemed like there were big changes in him. It might depend on what type of problem(s) the difficult child has- whether or not they would recommend another at some point in time. Others here have more experience with this than me, but I've never heard of getting more than one done at one time period (I don't think it's like going to two different psychiatrists just to get a second opinion.)
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    i have a very good friend of mine that took her child a year or so ago to a wonderful and i mean wonderful neuro psychiatric doctor...if you'd like, i could give you his name and number if you pm me husband and i were going to take our son to get this type of evaluation but we decided not to just yet...when we do the doctor i am referring to is who we are taking him to.

    i have to be honest i think it might be best to get another opinion....but that is just my opinion...good luck with everything. i wish i had some easy solutions to everything us parents go through.

    I am here for you anytime you want to chat.
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    thanks i appreciate that. i'm bouncing about a bit today more than the norm due to fact i kinda locked all the dates down for evaluation and now it's all unraveling, and i haven't been to office agian in days and my older one has mono........

    happy joy :)
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    hi jennifer...i will be sure to post the doctors information for you tomorrow as i have to get it from my friend who took her son to him. from what i understand he is very very good. the director of pupil services in my school district and many professionals i have spoken with hold this neuro psychiatric in high regard. i know that you will come away with answers and with a very large report of his findings. I will be sure to get that to you tomorrow...enjoy the rest of your night.
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    thank you i appreciate it. just to me if i'm going to bother doing this i mine as well do it right with-the right doctor who has the right credentials. columbia called me back last night though the administrator to apologize for messing up so badly. granted i was trying to put dinner out for 5 kids when she

    he got called into rest. last night ash wed.. apparentley it was very busy. so there i was throwing out lasagna into bowls while balancing cell phone too funny. ya gotta laugh at this stuff ran up to bathroom and locked myself in there to finish the phone call.

    i'll def take the number though i'm kinda up in the air until columbia calls me back today.

    thanks i appreciate it