Neurofeedback therapy/amino acid therapy?

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    Does anyone have any experience with neurofeedback therapy or amino acid therapy. We started that recently and had a urine analysis done. Epinephrine, Norepinephrine and a bunch of other things were elevated. We also had brain mapping done. The cliff notes are that his brain in a couple of spots were too active. His diagnosis is BiPolar (BP)/adhd but I know in my heart it is ODD. ODD does not respond to medications, and my difficult child has been on close to 15 different medications (including adderall, concerta and I think another adhd medication) with no change in 5 years. Just gets bigger, stronger and smarter.
    The amino acid therapy recommends calm prt jr, kavinace and endotrex.
    So if anyone has any experience, good, bad, or neutral, please share.
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    I believe ODD is a symptom and if you discover the underlying cause, the ODD will go away. In some cases that might mean the right medication. In my older daughter's case, it was food allergies. Eliminating those foods has made her ODD go away.

    I have tried some amino acids with difficult child 2. She was put on 5HTP and L-Theanine at first. I thought it did make a difference, but there was still a long way to go. The doctor tested every month and made further recommendations. One time, we added another amino acid and it caused her to get worse, so I do think they do something. Unfortunately, before we could do too much with this, my daughter was diagnosis'ed with a chronic illness and the doctor dumped her as a patient.

    With everything else that is going on with her, I haven't pursued this further with another doctor.
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    medications depend on the diagnosis.
    With N who so far has sensory processing disorder (SPD) and Anxiety, we are using the therapy and kind of following the Ortho-Molecular Medicine route.
    Which is the Amino acids, vitamins etc. ( although lately she is refusing )
    So N will remain medication free as long as she can function in the world.

    Actually our psychiatrist just recommended Hypnosis for N. She is doing Occupational Therapist (OT) that is specifically based around a sensory diet, it is YOGA and Occupational Therapist (OT).

    Because we feel strongly that K has a Mood Disorder she needs the medications, but we combine the vitamins with the therapies.
    There are tried and true ones that have been tested that work better with certain MS.
    Like Choline and Soy Lecithin. But these also help with Mood Disorders in general.

    But you need to know what your diagnosis is and be pretty sure.
    I would want to be sure I felt comfortable about the diagnosis before adding anything. Some of these supplements can lead to instability or depression or mania in our kids if there is a chance of a Mood Disorder.
    Even Melatonin can mess with some kids.

    Bio-feedback is wonderful for some people, I am considering this for K. I know Nuero-Feedback is easier for a lot of people, it has a good rep also... (Nuero is a form of Bio-Feedback)

    When K's Allergies are under control unfortunately she is not more stable, I wish. :)

    I hope if you choose this road it helps!
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    Both my easy child son and difficult child 2/easy child dtr have done neurofeedback. My son said it did make him feel calmer (he had generalized anxiety and ADHD) and he seemed to get some benefit from it.

    My dtr did not really respond well to it but there could be a myriad of reasons. She is working with a therapist and doing EMDR and that seems to be better for her.

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    I've done neurofeedback for myself, with good results for my own anxiety and stress/depression. The practitioner I went to uses it on her own son, who is ADHD... she swears by it. As with anything, of course, "individual results may vary."

    This website has some pretty good info about it:
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    Hi Purple J - Yes, I put my oldest difficult child through neurofeedback when he was about 5 because he hit his brother too much and he had ADD type symptoms. He also has tried several ADD medications - they either make him worse or make him aggitated.

    The neurofeedback eventually worked. It took some tweeking, and I think the neuropsychologist that did it may not have been the A#1 administrator, but it helped a great deal. However, it cost $3000 and it lasted about 4 years.

    I looked for neurofeedback closer to home, and ran into quantum biofeedback, which I thought was ultimate quackery. There is plenty on the 'net, but it was nothing like the first arrangement where wires are attached to the child's head and ears and he interracts with the computer.

    We started on a new real neurofeedback clinic, but couldn't afford it. My child is 11 and I think now he should be learning more self-control himself. If I can afford it again, I may do it, but my husband wants to get hypnotism done on our difficult child.

    A very informative book to give you insight to this type of therapy is "A Symphony in the Brain"

    Best Wishes and Good Health - BeyondWeary