Neurological/muscle people - Witzend?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. flutterby

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    Have you ever heard of a forearm exercise test? I guess that is what my neuro wants to do next to check for "metabolic or mitochondrial muscle dysfunction".

    I've done so much research over the last several years that there isn't much I haven't heard of, but this is one. I'm having a hard time finding info on it.
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    I can ask my husband. He doesn't run that test but he'll probably be able to explain what it is. I know what mitochondria are but haven't heard of it in reg to muscles, just DNA. Lot of help I am, huh?
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    Thank you, Terry. :)
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    the only test they have done on my forearms was the one where they stick needles in you about 100 times and then have you move your arm/hand while the awful needle is there so they can see what messages the muscles are sending. Was supposed to show carpal tunnel but the results they got were "strange" and "weird" and "very atypical" so they could not rule carpal tunnel in or out. Two different docs in two different states came up with the same words to describe the results, so I guess nothing works right on me, lol.

    I got a lot of results when I googled forearm exercise test - some were ischemic and some were non-ischemic. I didn't fully grasp those I pulled up, but they might be more understandable as you likely have some clue as to what they want to find. Overall it seems to be a test to find out how the muscles use/process O2 when they are working.

    I hope you get answers and this helps them figure out why you are having so many problems and a super easy way to wave that magic medical wand to fix them all and make you feel fantabulously healthy again!
  5. flutterby

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    Yeah, I've had 5 EMG's (which is the one with the needles), but this is different. I found some info, too, but it wasn't very clear.

    I was surprised that the neuro wants to do more tests. I got the impression that after the last round of EMG's he was going to be done. Experience has taught me that they then want to pass you off to yet another specialist, and I'm not doing that anymore. If he wants to do more testing, though, I'm ok with that.
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    That's a new one to me, Heather. I really don't have difficulties with my forearms much, so most everything is done in my more affected areas. And, since my diagnosis was done with a DNA test there's no question of what I have, so mainly when I do let them poke and prod - which is not often - it's just manual stuff to check for progression of weakness.

    Do let us know how this turns out, though!
  8. Star*

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    Whatever it is H - I'm thinking of you! Hugs
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    Heather, I just thought I'd share with you - my mother-in-law has MG. She says her symptoms started back in her late teens, although Myasthenia Ocular was not diagnosed until she was in her late 50s. This was later amended to MG, about 10-15 years later. She's now about 87 years old and still in her own home, although with spinal problems complicating matters from her long career as a nurse.

    Let us know the name of this test when you find out.

  10. flutterby

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    Marg, they have determined through (another) repetitive stimulant EMG, a single fiber EMG, and a blood test for some antibody or something that I don't have MG. However, my symptoms match it almost exactly as it pertains to the muscle weakness. Fatigue is a huge debilitating factor and I don't find that when I read about MG, but have heard it from patients with MG. Then there's the fevers, inflammation, etc. Sigh...I'm so tired of this.

    The name of the test, apparently, is "forearm exercise test". I'm a bit confused over who does the test, as what I'm finding online seems to indicate both rheumatology and neurology. My neuro is out this week, so I probably won't hear anything about scheduling and who is doing the test until next week (since he's the one who wants to have it done).
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    I don't know anything about that test, but I wanted to add my support.

    About 10 years ago they thought I had MS and I had a myriad of tests done - I got sick and tired of all the testing (I don't have MS).

    I totally understand that you just want a (correct) diagnosis. I'm sorry you have to go through more tests. I hope they can help you.