Neuropsychiatrist Vs. Neuropsychologist

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by loricbme, Jul 30, 2007.

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    As I've been looking up information through my insurance provider, I can only find neuropsychiatrist info but not for a neurpsychologist. I see the recommendation over and over to get an evaluation by a neuropsychologist. Can a neuropsychiatrist do the same evaluation? Thanks for any input.

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    I know the doctor that finally helped my difficult child was a neuropsychiatrist. He definately prescribed medications to her as well.
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    Thinking that the difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist is that chiatrist is medical doctor and can prescribe medications so usually is preferable if medications are involved. I would think if you are going for the evaluation thinking the condition could be helped with medications that the neuropsychiatrist would be the person to see....just my 2 cents.....
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    You have to ask if the neuropsychiatrist does cognitive and psychological testing. If he doesn't, it isn't what you want. I know that neuropsychologists are found at children's and university hospitals.

    Neuropsychologists do testing (cognitive and psychological) to diagnosis and come up with an intervention plan. They generally do not implement the plan, however, but rather leave that up to other professionals like psychiatrists, therapists, OTs, speech therapists, tutors and school personnel (depending upon what is needed once the diagnosis is made).
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    Pick up the telephone and ask exactly what professional help is
    offered by the covered neuropsychiatrist. In lieu of asking them
    what tests they administer, I would suggest find a quiet time and
    then asking the receptionist if there is a staff member who could
    advise you IF their office is the right place for your child to
    be evaluated. Explain that you believe you are seeking a neuro/
    psychiatric evaluation for your 7 year old daughter who has issues
    but in your insurance handbook you see Dr. X's name. Does he
    do that type of testing? Does he work with children? Is there
    anyone or any group that Dr. X recommends for testing?

    Finding a specialist who deals with children & adolescents is a
    challenge. Finding the best qualified expert to identify your
    childs issues and to define the path you should follow is even
    more of a challenge. A neuropsychiatrist is a highly trained
    MD. Psychologists are not medical doctors and have varying degrees of training and experience...particularly with children.

    I would bet that the neuropsychiatrists office will provide you
    with some direction. Based on many years experience, sad to say, I strongly suggest that you make sure you have a peaceful
    background when you call and that you sound pleasantly business-
    like when you call. Good luck. DDD
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    Thanks for the info. Very helpful!