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    Had the neuropsychologist appointment yesterday. Basically he confirmed that he is def on Autistic Spectrum...Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). He wants to keep him on same medications for now...does not really thi nk he's overmedicated. Gave me a pill that dissolves in the mouth that I can give him if he can't get himself calmed down...Zypresta??...I'm at work and it's at home so I'm not sure if that's it.

    Anyway, we were having Chinese food which I really couldn't afford and watching a Christmas movie when we got back when BAM everything changed!! He started saying how he couldn't go to school tomorrow and it just got worse from there. I told him he needed to try and that he was capable of having a good day. Anyway, all hell broke loose...he became aggressive, threatening to throw soda bottle at me, hitting me with pillow. My older son Timmy was no help at all...made everything worse...still treats him like your normal disrespectful child. I finally calmed him down. I told him he could stay home but that he would be coming to the store with me an he would be very bored. He woke up this morning wanting to go to school so he went in late. No calls so far. totally exhausting. There's so much more I could write but right now I'm just drained.
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    Sorry you had to go through that. Apparently some thought about school last night panicked him. It is so hard to calm a child who is scared to death of something that we don't know about or can't understand. Glad he went today. Praying the phone stays silent!!
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    Stressed, I have learned not to take those threats seriously. I am responsible for ramping up my difficult child a few times and now that I look back on it, as you pointed out in your note, he wakes up and wants to go to school. Go figure. It's their anxiety and in-the-moment thinking. We plan things out. They do not.
    I am so sorry for your stressful day. But I'm glad you have a diagnosis you can work with-and a new medication.
    Fingers crossed!
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    I'm sorry that you had a bad night. I've been there and done that many times. At least he was able to pull himself together to go to school today. I'm glad that the neuropsychologist appointment went well.
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    glad for some solid answers. i had the same thing happen at the doctor today, bam...all had been going so well for a few days. he didn't actually hurt me but the threat with the GLASS bottle he had was right in the doctors office and luckily they had a psychiatric tech in the OP progam come over until the appointment was done.

    It is so sad for our guys to go through that. Sorry he has such anxiety and you had to go thru that explosion. any way to do any therapy with the others (without difficult child) to explain things and help them understand how to deescalate things. They are old enough to really learn and understand. Eventually they may end up being his advocates in life when you are gone...

    Hugs and support, it is just not an easy thing. You are being so great at meeting him where he is though. Things happen.