neuropsychologist doctor is a douche


Thi man asked me to come in at 4 to fill out paperwork for tk's appointment I arrived at 3:50 his waiting room has no receptionist we sat for 10 minutes he comments about us being early he comments because we brought the whole dam fam (because I am not familiar with the city and have almost killed myself the last three times I tried to use GPS by myself in the car) I fill out paperwork, this other fam comes in they all including the children reek of pot smoke and all of them including the children have the giggles.

I gave him my referral paperwork copies of all our military id's he said where's hers I said she doesn't have one they don't issue to children under ten. He rolled his eyes at me

He finally calls us back I only went with myself and tk. He asks me why ms Fontaine recommended a neuropsychologist evaluation I said because she thinks she has ADHD. I think she might be on the spectrum. He's like no I don't want your diagnosis. Like what is going on and I pull out the list and read off. He said those aren't sufficient reasons for a neuropsychologist evaluation.

Tk touched her nails to his leather chairs which weren't that spectacular looking or anything and he told her he would make me pay for them if she did it again. She wasn't doing it hard or even repeatedly it wasn't making marks.

He faxed in the info to my insurance company saying a partial neuro psychiatric and a partial psychological work up and to call him in half a month to see if it was approved and them we wouldn't not be able to schedule till August.

Totally deflated.

I cut tk's hair by the way since she hasn't washed it or brushed it since school was let out. She finally let me without acting like I was killing her for wanting her to e able to care for her hair.

I talked to her and ex and told her she could come home at the end of the summer if she wanted. Ex agreed

She's leaving tomorrow for at least the summer. Boyo is going with.

I know I need a break but I really don't want them to go and my mommy heart is not happy about any of it.

Sorry for typos not reviewing my work.


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Geez Dixie, I am so sorry, that guy sounds like a huge nimrod, how frustrating for you. And, now the kids are leaving, I understand how you feel. You've not had a good day today. Is Boyo coming back sooner then TK? It's hard to let them go, but you know what, once you get through tomorrow and your feelings settle down, you will have not only a much needed break, you will have time to focus on YOU, to nourish YOU, to relax a little and get your strength back and your fun back. It'll be okay in a day or so, and then you can just take a deep breath and enjoy your peace. ...Big hugs for you..........


Boyo is supposed to be back at the end of summer for sure, but we had talked about tk moving in with him.

I put it in her hands the other day if she says she wants to come home she will come home. And ex agreed thankfully. I made plans for her to move in with her dad when things were in a very bad spot hubs was going through his break down and tk was being very violent. I thought there was a large chance I would be single and homeless very soon.

Basically I shot my mouth off because I thought the world was ending I have since rethought my position on tk not living with me full time.

Push comes to shove I want her to be happy. If she's happier with him I will live with it. But I hate what it says about me that I can not make her happy. That my daughter doesn't seem to love me sometimes that sometimes I don't think I am a very loving "acting" mother to her.

I don't know hubs goes back to work on my birthday which is Friday and will be completing his 2nd psychical for exiting the army I -think- these doctors make the recommendation for a medication board/medication retirement and that could go either way.

Things have been kind of wushu washy with him lately one minute I'm his goddess the next day I'm the devil. I'm wondering if he's taking his medications correctly.bwcause he's been on con leave from surgery for two weeks and his schedule is very different.


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You are under a tremendous amount of stress right now and I think its probably a good thing to let the kids go stay with their dad for the summer. You can see what life looks like at the end of the summer and decide on things then. Dont borrow trouble now. Im glad you may have some ideas about what will happen with your husband's career in the army tomorrow. That not knowing has to be agonizing.

Now about that neuropysch...I know most people here act like they hang the moon but I have yet to meet one who knew their elbow from Mars. All I have seen and met seem to think they are self-important, arrogant butt's who think they are so much smarter than anyone else. I dont think they would have the intelligence to come in out of the rain and would stand their like turkeys looking up at the sky and


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UGH. That neuropsychologist needs a good dose of reality. As in... If you are a neuropsychologist and see children - DON'T BE SURPRISED WHEN YOUR LEATHER CHAIRS GET RUINED.

Self-important people make me see red. And as for reasons for an evaluation - he doesn't get to decide why you want an evaluation! Ugh.



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Feel free to contact Tricare about that experience. At one point they sent me to a therapist who was absolutely horrid. Not only did she want to take me to her church she gave me a book to read that was supposed to motivate me to see God. I already believe in God but I wasn't her brand of Christian and she felt the need to convert me in order to cure my depression. I filed a complaint. Tricare investigated her and she was removed as an approved provider. In his case it might take a few complaints but atleast you have done your part.

If nothing else I would be tempted to contact them and see if they would change your provider. There is absolutely no reason why you should be subjected to an individual who wont allow your child to touch the furniture and threatens you with charges if they do. That is unprofessional.