neuropsychologist Evaluation- correct terminology?

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    I guess I'm just a little confused right now. Every one I spoke to on the phone in regards to getting my little guy in for testing, seemed to not understand what I was talking about. One woman said she thought I meant something else and said, " I'm not sure why, but some people call it that, but that's not what it is." Others I spoke to didn't know what a neuropsychologist evaluation was, and I just explained that I think my son may possibly have a form of autism, and I was told to call this number by pediatrician, and school sw. I explained that I want to get the most thorough testing for my son. I felt like such an idiot, and now I'm not sure if I'm using the proper terminology when talking to these people! My oldest was diagnosed shortly before he turned 3, by a pediatric neurologist. At that time, we had one in the area. I do not recall any ten hours of testing. More like 2. We were told back then, "Your son has all the classic signs of autism.

    I don't know, I just feel like things are way more confusing this time around with- my youngest. He certainly does not have "all the signs," but yet enough to be of a concern... along with- being extremly hyperactive. I think I'm on the path to having him seen by a neurologist. Instead of one trip to Milwaukee, I think maybe this will be a few, because Neurological testing is only one part of the testing, or am I mistaken? Can anyone give me some clarification as to whether my son is actually going to get neuropsychologist testing this way? Thanks. - Sarah
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    The full term is a neuropsychologist. It's a branch of psychology that focuses on diagnoses. You would want a pediatric neuropsychology.

    Instead of cold calling, I'd suggest contacting the nearest Autism Society of America chapter. It's a network of parents providing support and they will be able to tell you who is best at diagnosing/ruling out Autistic Spectrum Disorders in your region. That may wind up being a neuropsychologist, an Autism Clinic at a university or hospital, developmental pediatrician, etc.
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    Thanks for the link SRL.