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    Just recieved our neuropsychologist formal diagnosis letter. J has been officially diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, Anxiety-not otherwise specified, and Learning Disorder-not otherwise specified (he has processing issues). They have removed the ADD diagnosis but not sure if they are going to keep him on the adderal xr because it does seem to help with some of his issues or are there medications out there that are used for his true diagnosis's that would/could replace what the adderal xr and do what the adderal does for him? We definitely can tell when he hasn't had his medication. So not sure where to go from here, the psychiatric who did the evaluation gave us some recomendations but I dont care for the psychiatric that kept saying his "symptoms" were related to the ADD when I knew there was something more going on. So now I need to find a new psysch for him to see and then also his pediatrician was the one monitoring his adderal do we continue to go through him or let the psychiatric take care of it. Do I go immediately to the school and start him accomadations, or do I wait 'till he has been seen by a psychiatric, either way where do I begin? Please can anyone with experience help??
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    1) If the Aderrall is working, leave it alone. difficult child 1 takes Straterra which really helps with the concentration and impulsiveness no matter if ADHD is separate or part of his Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). If it works, don't fix it.

    2) Find a new psychiatrist. In the meantime, let the pediatrician manage the Aderrall. When you find a psychiatrist that you can work with, then switch the medication management over.

    3) If he's having problems in school, get an IEP going. You have the diagnosis so all you'd need is to figure out his struggles in school. Get that process going asap.

    Glad you got some answers. Now you can get the services he needs so "Go Get 'Em"!
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    woo hooo....another MN family!

    My son does not have adhd diagnosis, but his other diagnosis have those symptoms and the medications for him do help, There is no hard and fast rule. adhd symtoms can come from organic brain issues, esp. frontal lobe and if that is what is causing it for your kiddo then medications very might well be part of the program for him.

    As far as school, yes that can get you 504 accomodations, but if he is struggling in ANY way, even socially, then it would be better to have an evaluation for an IEP. Then you have legal rights and and they must follow thru with the accomodations. Both of my sisters have kids on 504 plans, school was enthusiastic, but are they following the accomodations??? not really and if they dont, there is nothing short of taking them to court for a civil rights suit which is obviously very expensive.

    It is just hard to them to do when there are not the regimented rules and procedures that come with an IEP.

    To start that process, you need to write a letter to the school and cc one to the district office of special education, send it registered/certified mail and formally request an evaluation for special educaiton services.

    Luckily you live in MN and have PACER to use as a resource. ( )

    gotta go to a meeting, so I will check in soon, feel free to pm me. ta for now, Dee (buddy)
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    You have been given a bunch of labels - maybe they will be of help with medications , labels help with accomodations

    but in truth you have to look beyond labels , that don't tell you much and rather look at the conditions = the unsolved problems that give rise to problematic behavior - showing that he has lagging skills

    take a look at together with the teacher , attach actual examples to the missing skills and together with your kid try to solve problems in a collaborative way. Focus on concerns not behavior - we won't get any input from the kid if we focus on behavior , in any case the behavior is the symptom

    check out the book lost at school