neuropsychologist exams for learning disabilities

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    I am considering having my daughter, difficult child 2, go through a neuropsychologist exam to see what kind of learning disabilities she has. I am homeschooling her now and it is clear to me that she has some issues.

    She had one done 4 years ago and it didn't really show any learning problems. It did show she had some executive function difficulties thought to be due to anxiety. It didn't offer any suggestions other than to try to control her anxiety through medications and therapy. This one was covered by insurance mostly so didn't cost very much but it also wasn't especially helpful.

    What kind of information did you get about learning disabilities when you had this done? What questions should I ask before we go?
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    the neuropysch evaluation i had done for difficult child was very thorough. It gave information pertaining to all levels of functioning/learning etc. it was very detailed. If there is a learning disability and you bring difficult child to a good neuropsychologist evaluation at a good hospital they'll catch it.

    I couldn't possibly list all the diff tests they gave difficult child, there were so so many. Yet it did take 2 long days. 7 hours each day with breaks. It was alot and really intense. They also test the memory, executive functioning skills, reading ability, math ability, focus, it's endless.

    I'd really suggest it. That report gave me insight, that what I was dealing with was truly a mental isssue with my difficult child, and strongly biochemical.

    i wish you luck. it's rough on the difficult child's though. I had to bring snacks, bottles of water, it makes their anxiety go thru roof at least it did with mine. I purposely took her to a hotel near the hospital so i wouldn't have to spend 3 hours each morning on the road to get her there before the testing began.
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    If you are specifically looking for learning disorders, you might look at universities in your area. Some with special education and psychology departments have clinics set up for this purpose. The one in my town does an excellent job.