neuropsychologist results this afternoon

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    I get the results from the neuropsychologist results this afternoon. It is hard, I wish difficult child was normal(even though I know by now he is not)but I hope they show something that we can do some thing about. His therapist thinks it will show a processing problem, and I am sure she is right, but which one?

    He has been on and off better. We increased his Lamictal to 300mg a few weeks ago, and that seemed to have a big impact on his frustration tolerance and his temper. I am glad of that, he was getting near impossible. He went to the fair yesterday and had a great time, won a marble tournament and got a t shirt. A few hours after he got home? He had meltdowns for an hour or more. Blamed me for everything. At one point he asked why I was never nice to him (I had just got done sending him to his room and after 2 or 3 minutes he came stomping out). I just could not help it, I told him it was not in my contract. I know, I could have had a better response, but I had just had it. I get so tired of him having a great day and then losing it in the evening and I get the brunt of it.

    Wrap around service is still in the works, trying to get every one to get all the necessary papers to the county is a pain. I hope they can help, it is so hard to know that. The brochure the lady e mailed me looks great, but things always look great on paper.
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    Loved your response! Sometimes you have to have a sense of humor about all of this. Hope you get good news! KSM
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    Good luck! I know its a stressful day.
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    We had some good luck with Lamictal....
    It is always so hard when they get overstimulated and tired, and we get the brunt of it.

    Good luck with the neuropsychologist report...I am eager to hear about it.
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    I have my fingers crossed that your N/P results are helpful in charting your course. I have to add that even easy child's can have difficulty transitioning from high stimulation to being at home. Heck, sometimes I have a hard time chilling down if I've been hyped up by an event, lol. Good luck. DDD