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    Just got done talking to the neuropsychologist that evaluated difficult child 1 last month. Absolutely nothing that I wasn't already "positive" about but glad to have it all confirmed. Here's the gist of it:

    Ability to interpret intentions of others.............Low Average
    Understanding figurative language..........Very Low
    Impulse control...........Very Low
    Ability to develop problem-solving strategies.........Very Low
    Ability to tak the perspective of someone else.........Can't do it
    Academic.......At Grade Level except Abstract Reasoning in Math & Language Processing / Comprehension in Reading

    Diagnoses: "very" Asperger's, Anxiety Disorder

    Recommendations: difficult child 1 has the academic skills to succeed if given the ideal conditions (explains why school from home works). Many of the problems at school & home are caused by misunderstandings with impulse control and inability to problem-solve kicking in. Anxiety plays a HUGE part in most situations where behaviors occur. He needs "the familiar" and if he's going to transition back into public school, they need to have someone help with reading comprehension, problem-solving, impulse control, and dealing with the anxiety. It can't be just anyone, it has to be someone difficult child 1 sees as safe and trustworthy.

    GEE, does ANY of this sound like what I've been saying all along?!? This is exactly what I was trying to get through to the school for so many months. He did say that he's not our SD's favorite person but that he has planted just enough doubt in their minds with other kids that "maybe" there's a chance.

    I can't wait to get the written report.
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    Wow! Imagine that: You, the mother of your child, actually have a clue of is going on! Who knew!?!
    Let's hope this report gives you some "bullets" in order to fight SD, should you choose to give public school another try.
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    So glad you have confirmation. You think the SD will actually do what he suggests? I sure hope so. I'll talk to you later, ok? congrats! Its a good day!!!!
  4. DDD

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    Glad there were no new curves thrown your way..just validation. Had to laugh at "not being the school boards favorite person". You can count on that just like death and taxes. DDD
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    Ktllc, we MIGHT give them another try next year because difficult child's will be starting high school. New principal, staff, schedule, etc. If we can get a good plan in place before we start, it MIGHT be possible. Just not sure difficult child 1 will want to given the anxiety it caused him all of last year (the nightmare).

    Buddy, I am totally relieved. Yes, it IS a good day.

    DDD, you'd think school staff would WANT help from someone that knows there stuff. But, then again, school staff KNOW IT ALL. LOL
  6. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member's all about money. The less they have to do the better the year. Sigh. DDD