neuropsychologist vs. Educational psychiatric?

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Our local CHADD chapter is hosting a talk by an educational psychologist soon. Never knew there was such a title!

    I'm wondering if the neuropsychologist evaluation I'm working towards for difficult child 1 will cover the same things an educational psychiatric would? Or would it be beneficial to ALSO see someone like and edpsych since this is the biggest area difficult child 1 is struggling in now. Would it be overkill?
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    Good point- if you are going to that, I hope you'll share what you learn.

    At the school meeting yesterday, the sd ed spec said that she is not trained to do neuropsychologist testing, but that she does educational and some psychiatric testing and that some of her tests would not be done by a neuropsychologist, but that there can be a little overlap.

    Personally, I'm a lot more comfortable with the neuropsychologist. When I had difficult child's MDE, there was a highly trained Ed Spec on board. He reviewed the neuropsychologist report previously done and did not recommend any additional tests, but I think he could/would have if difficult child had been struggling in school at the time and he had noticed an area of concern, I think.

    Maybe you could consult with an ed spec (I'd recommend one that does not work for the sd) and ask them if they recommend any specific test or area of concern, instead of starting out having them both do all the testing they normally do.
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    In general, an educational psychologist does about 3 hours of testing that includes an IQ test (typically WISC-IV) and an achievement test (typically Woodcock-Johnson III). That's it. A neuropsychologist does that plus tests on attention, motor skill, psychological functioning, etc. If you do a neruopsych evaluation, you don't need ed testing.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    klmno, I will be sure to share what I learn if I'm able to go to this program night.

    SW, thank you for that clarification. We'll stick with the neuropsychologist evaluation we're working on, but I'm going to go listen to this person to learn what I can -- it may be a refresher, but nothing wrong with that!
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    The new therapist that our family is going to does both. i didn't know what the educational thing was. One of his many titles says Forensic psychologist.
    I don't quite get that one. Guess that means he can go to court and say, "In my professional opinion......"
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    The ED will only test school stuff.
    The neuropsychologist will test that and much more.
    I'd definitely go with the neuropsychologist.
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    In do not get a choice on the educational psychiatric evaluation. The school requires it done for any child going in their Special Education department and they have their school psychologist do them. neuropsychologist evaluation will give you a better outlook overall.
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    Funny I am sitting here gathering all of K's info for our Nuero-psychiatric Tests in March!

    Ours is a Nueropsychologist with a Ph.D she specialized in Children with issues and Education and will offer long term goals and return visits for support and advice for School support. Her testing so far is set up for 14 hours just for K! Obviously with breaks.
    She has them set for 2 hours with a break after each hour with a walk.

    Our last one was kind of the same way, though I don't think this good... He was good but this woman sounds far more educated and so much nicer!
    I would personally want someone who focused on all of it!!! Plus one who will offer long term support if needed. Both of ours offered this.
    If we needed updates, info for School each year, suggestions for what kind of supports K might need?
    If you go let us know how it is.
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    Sounds like an interesting meeting. Go for it!

    The guy who did difficult child's testing has a PhD in psychology and education. They do have different training and education. It's certainly worth sitting in on.