Never disinherit your kid


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I am so sorry. I didn't get hit. I used to wish she would just spank me and shut up. But that she didn't do. I know she didn't think she was abusive. I was just a bad kid. I was suffering from an early mood disorder but to her I was just bad. As a young teen I let her know I was suffering from terrible depression and she wouldn't take me for help. Now back then psychiatrists weren't as good but she had a specific reason she wouldn't take me other than that.

There was a neighbor whose daughter was also depressed and her mother, like most mother's, did take her for help. I am paraphrasing here but my mother said "I am not going to spend money just to hear that it's MY fault that you're depressed! D's mother is being blamed!" So I never got help until I was an adult. She was afraid the psychiatrist would blame her. I don't think she was to blame...I think it is inherited. But she sure didn't HELP.

I got off track.

I am sorry for your pain. It sounds heinous.

All of us get over it to a point. I don't know if it ever leaves us completely but we do move on and learn from it so that there is good from it.

My mother's greatest gift teaching me was how NOT to raise my children. And I didn't.
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