Never has a group been so right...and brought me to a new level :)

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by mcdonna, Aug 4, 2017.

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    I am SO grateful for all of you, today especially. I feel like I have been set free. Everyone who replied to my prior posts hit everything bang on. You saw the truth using detachment. I was still giving in to F.O.G. Thank you so very much.

    Just 1 week ago, daughter called pleading for money to buy a flight back to Canada, as she was being deported. I declined but emailed government emergency aid contact info to her. She sent back the War & Peace derogatory response I am used to. Heard nothing until 2 days ago, when she called me threatening suicide, etc. Government officials got involved, at my request (she did have an open file with them because she DID call them after getting the info I sent her) and sent investigators from the Canadian Consulate to find her and assess her mental status. I relayed a couple of phone #'s I had. This morning, I saw that there were 2 calls from the Government officials at 2 am but we don't keep a phone in our bedroom and I turn my cell phone off at night. They left no messages and I didn't call them back.

    I got the call at work this morning from them - daughter has been found safe and sound. Of course she has. She was back on social media before I left the house today.

    So, the ending to the story is that she is being deported on Sunday night. She is booked on a 38 hour flight back to Canada (via Kuala Lumpur and China) and her final destination is the city where she was living before she started this "adventure" 3 years ago (about 800 miles from us) and where "Mr. Finance Man" lives. She is apparently going to stay with him. I was told by the government official that they were able to negotiate a major reduction/cancellation in the overstay fees/fines that she had to pay. There was no mention of the "financial aid loan" from the government that they wanted me to co-sign, so I'm also assuming that her $1300 USD flight is being paid for by one or both governments. Once again - she gets away with not having to have any responsibility for what she has done. Now my F.O.G. has turned to anger. Game, set and match - and I played along to all of it.

    No more. We are done. We are leaving for our trip with happy hearts and thoughts! I am in full detachment mode now. I have several notarized copies of notices that daughter is not allowed on our property or at our store, in case she decides to show up.

    She does have an 11 hour stopover in KL, where she has been many times. I'm wondering if she might jump ship there but at the end of the day it is not my concern.

    Funny sideline: Our flight overseas has a 90 minute stopover....guess where????? If that isn't some sort of karma, I don't know. I told hubby we need to wear disguises!!!
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    Wonderful space to be in McDonna! Have a fabulous time. You both deserve it.
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    Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful time!!!
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    Good for you Mcdonna......go have a wonderful time......celebrate!
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    These are the best years of your life. LIVE THEM!:)
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    Glad to hear this. Take care.
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    Enjoy your trip!
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    Good for you! Hoping you and hubs have the most relaxing and exhilarating vacay ever!
    Here are a couple of disguises.Maybe she won't recognize you and hubs if you travel as Messy Hair Girl and Marvin the Martian. :hairy::warrior:
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  10. Littleboylost

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    Hi MD
    I was thinking about you today and wondered how your trip was and also how thugs were with your daughter.