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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Feb 17, 2010.

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    at a psychiatrist appointment as today. Once again, I'm reinforced at how much I love this dr. He is great with both kids. difficult child's appointment was par for the course and thorough as always along with some funny moments.

    Then he met with easy child/difficult child (and I was there too). She has only seen him 3 times (while her regular psychiatrist was on maternity leave). He had her laughing a lot and she had him laughing as well. It takes a lot for her to open up but she does to him.

    Next month she should be going back to her other psychiatrist but she decided she wanted to stay with this one. He said he thought that would be fine since he would explain to her that we can bring her in when we bring in difficult child and it's also much closer to her school. easy child told him she wanted to stay with him because while she likes both psychiatrists he is really funny and amuses her!

    Watching the two of them together had me laughing away.
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    I'm glad easy child/difficult child has found a psychiatrist she is comfortable with. You know what they say: laughter is the best medicine!
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    Sharon, that's great! Working with a doctor that they feel comfortable with is huge! There will be more respect and willingness to work with the doctor. I know you are happy.