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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Mar 22, 2009.

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    This was what I came up with to represent the pillars of cloud and fire that lead the Israelites out of Egypt (cloud by day, fire by night). I am having a hard time visualizing this. So, what I came up with is as good as I could get. I found two matching white ceramic type balls that was hallow and had scroll openings. (hard to explain).

    difficult child painted one of the balls yellow to represent fire. I found two matching candle pillars and took playdough (white for the cloud and yellow for the sun) to mount the balls on.

    Oh, Sorry Star - I can not find one with a donkey. I think the only one I used a donkey on was Crossing the Red Sea and you can't see the donkey in the picture.
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    Star* call 911

    That's okay Andy -

    I thought this one was rock 'm sock 'm robots for God. :tongue:
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    I visualise the pillars of smoke by day and fire by night, like a volcano, or Aussie bushfires. You can see only smoke during the day (unless the fire is close - in which case, it's often too late to run) but at night the cloud of smoke is lit from below by the flames, it looks like flames climbing high into the sky.

    An erupting active volcano over the horizon would have looked like that, and could have been erupting for a long time.

    Before I turned off the computer last night Ichecked the satellite for the weather and was surprised to see it was raining right outside. I went out to have a look and although I couldn't feel any rain, there was clearly a lot of light misty rain around. The city lights were uplighting the tiny raindrops and there was an orange glow through the night, even though the city is a long way away from us. We have an oil refinery some way away, I think the flame from the refinery was uplighting the rain also. If I had been using it as a beacon, I would have known which way to go, for sure!

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    Star - You are so funny! LOL!! You had me ROFL! Glad I explained it! :D

    Marg - That is a wonderful way of visualizing this. :beautiful-female: