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    I had the building contractor I'm using to remodel my house in yesterday. I asked him for an add'l $10,000 what can he do for my kitchen.

    Well, we had the best time going thru my home. Contractor, knowing my budget well ahead of time (knowing he has to stick to that budget), is have a gas designing & pulling in materials. It's a challenge to get me all he can for the money I can afford.

    He feels he can redo a huge portion of my kitchen (he found kitchen appliances - new fridge, new stove, microwave over stove & dishwasher at a supplier for $1400; brand new, brand name). Okay, I'm loving this guy. So he feels that he can get me a great deal on a stack washer/dryer for my new utility/laundry room.

    As my home is old with beautiful wood, he's going to maintain that in the new utility room with the windows he's going to order.

    I've been saying for years that this house had to be built around these clawfoot bathtubs - turns out it was. My architect brother in law told me that frequently the plumbing then the tubs & toilets were brought into a house & installed before framing of the bathrooms & doors could begin. It explains so much. It also explains why we'll have to destroy these gorgeous tubs as I can't afford a $5000 hole in the wall to get them out. They will be recycled & the bronze legs will be taken off & recycled at an old parts business here in town.

    It's been great working with a financial planner who did all the research on the comps in this area, what I should or shouldn't do to my home (other than the things I need for functionality). Updating my kitchen was just a pipe dream - I think it's going to happen. New flooring throughout all designed with a 100 year old house in mind. We don't want to go modern.

    I don't need granite counter tops or high end appliances. AND I love that he's going to knock out walls. I've always wanted to knock out at least one wall in my house & haven't been allowed to. Contractor said he'd let me take the first swing with the sledge hammer.

    Ah......the little things that float my boat.
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    Oh Linda,
    How exciting! I'm glad you are having fun and it seems like a great contractor. Too much fun to be able to take that first swing-ENJOY:) You totally deserve this!:)
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    So? You really can have your cake and eat it too?? LOL

    I'd definately take that first swing. It may feel so good you'll keep right on swinging. :)

    Someday.....I want to return the upstairs of my old victorian back to it's former glory. The idiot who redid this house removed the hall and a bedroom to make the 2 remaining bedrooms larger. I know this because my house is the same exact floor plan of mother in law's house, only hers is a bit larger. It took alot of charm away from the house when he did that. And then I want to add a bathroom up there. Plenty of room for it in the attic area which is walk in anyway. But that takes money I don't have right now.

    So, enjoy getting things the way you want/need them to be. I'm happy that you get to do it.

    And I'll keep my own pipedreams for the future.

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    Oh, ENJOY!! This sounds like a very positive new stressor! My mom and dad gutted their kitchen and redid EVERYTHING about 15 years ago. My mom cooked all summer on appliances in her bathroom. Or outside. Amazing what you can do with a hot plate, electric skillet and crockpot - she actually ended up with over a MONTH of out of town company during all this!

    Be SURE to change your food budget to include more takeout and restaurant meals during this time. you will need that. And maybe even a few nights in a hotel during the worst of it (either fume related or dust from drywall related).

    Is kt excited about this??

    I know my mom kept a journal/scrapbook of the renovation. It has been very helpful through the years to refer to exactly what was done, what they decided not to do.

    If at ALL possible upgrade the wiring and add lots of outlets. Make sure the contractor takes increased power needs into account - you may need a new circuit breaker or some such thing.

    Will you have a nook for a computer in the kitchen? VERY handy for searching out recipes, doing other project, kids to work on while you cook or putter, etc...

    I am so envious!!! This is such a great opportunity!!! Sounds like your contractor is a gem!

    The one thing I wonder about is the microwave above the stove. Will you be strong enough to handle getting very hot containers out from up high with-o spilling or sloshing or dropping things? I know I would not be able to handle that. It is something to think about. There may be a way to build it in somewhere else, lower down.

    HAve fun with this!
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    Awesome possum! You'll have to post pics!

    I want one in your hard hat with the sledge hammer!
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    Check out concrete counter tops - they look like corian but are cheap.

    Sorry about the tub - but sounds like you're right on top of things.