New charge- Aggrevated battery

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Helpless29, Oct 27, 2018.

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    Things have gotten worst with my 15 year son, a fight at school on Tuesday got so bad, teachers explained he was so enraged , took 3 staff members to get him off the other boy. Judge told his dad get a lawyer & he will have to go to court on the Nov 8th, aggravated battery are the charges. He ran away on Thursday & hasn’t been back , stole his stepmoms sons Xbox & sold it at GameStop, someone said they spotted my son walking in area all messed up , probably blew money on drugs. Police are looking for him& were hoping we can have a emergency court hearing & get him court mandated to a rehab facility or locked up at Juvenile detention.He is out of control. It seems getting help from the system is taking so long. It’s not only drugs I worry about , it’s the violence, showed police messages of him wanting to get a gun. I pray for him & hope things will change,because I don’t think mentally I can take anymore.
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    I know this may sound silly and I dont mean to minimize your angst....but he will get off the street now once he is caught and you will have some time not to worry about him using drugs or what he will do next when he gets angry. Is he normally violent or do you think it was the drugs?

    I am sorry this happened. If it were me I would not try to rescue him from his consequences. He is only 15 now and he can learn, in my opinion if he has to take his consequences. You dont want to hear about assault when he is 18. He has a three year window of time to learn and change before he is a legal adult. in my opinion let him learn. We let our daughter eat a drug charge at 15 and she quit using at 20. I think letting them have a preview, while not a sure thing, is more effective than saving them from discomfort. Better to deal with this in my opinion when they are minors. We can do nothing once 18 is reached.

    Keep us updated. We care!

    Love and light!
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    Thank you, I feel that way to, I think he needs to feel & see the consequences for his actions. He has anger issues but drugs make it 10x worst.
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    Helpless, this could finally be the way to help or rehab. Dont panic yet. This could work out for his good. They were never too tough with my minor daughter. They seriously tried to help her. Nothing stayed in her record. Wait and see.
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    Helpless, I am so sorry. This is really hard stuff.

    You are at a crisis point right now. But remember the original meaning of "crisis" is a decision point or inflection point - a decisive moment when things can go one way or another. That means with every crisis is an opportunity. It is at these critical moments when we often find that things can start going the other way, getting better.

    I agree with SWOT. If this means that now he has to go to some kind of program, that may be the best thing that can happen for him. And it will give you an opportunity to relax, strangely enough. When they are locked up, we know where they are, and we are no longer responsible for their actions. As hard as it is to go through, it can also be a relief.

    N had his epiphany in prison, as an adult. I hope that whatever comes next is an opportunity for your son to get his act together while he is still a minor. Stay strong, and take care of yourself. This is not your fault. Keep us updated.
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    Just got back to town. Sorry to hear this but yes this could be a good thing in the end.

    Stay strong. How are things now?
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    He ran away again & broke into his grandparents garage , they found him sleeping in there truck. Cops came and he is now in a mental/ behavioral hospital it’s been a week that he’s been there,court got continued to Dec 6th, hope they don’t release him from hospital but these places are temporary.
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    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    I am sorry. I have been on this never ending road to despair but please don't give up hope.

    My road lasted seven years but next weekend my son is graduating from his 13 month faith based program. I never thought he'd be someone I wanted to get to know again because I truly feel like he is a stranger in so many ways and that makes me terribly sad. I could cry a river - I have already cried an ocean - but in the end that does not help me.

    The only thing that DOES help me is realizing that this world is full of so many bad things, evil things and evil people. Our boys are not evil but they get caught up in all of it at a young age and it's so very hard for them to turn it around due to their immaturity and just plain not listening to parents that love them and want the best for them.

    My faith in God is what I rely on now to carry me through my dark days and my fears. I also surround myself with good people and am striving to be the best version of myself. That is all that I have control over.