New Commercial ... Laughed Till I CRIED!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. donna723

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    OK, am I the only one who saw the new Arby's commercial during "Greys" last night? Usually the ones where the little Arby's "hats" appear over peoples heads don't impress me as all that funny, but this one almost killed me!

    I didn't see the very beginning but there's two researchers observing a group of chimpanzees in a laboratory. The chimps are standing in a line, shoulder to shoulder, facing the people. And then you hear this Irish music and suddenly the chimps break into an Irish step-dancing routine, just like in "River Dance"! You have to see it to get the full impact, but I was still laughing five minutes after it was over! It struck me SO funny .. laughed so hard that my dogs thought there was something wrong with me and came to check on me with great concern on their faces ... which made me laugh even harder!

    Watch for this one!

  2. Lothlorien

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    I didn't see it, but the old Arby's commercial with the wild wild chickens in the back and the wild chicken music going with the farmer who pulls the hat off the dog and says "Look what they done to ol' Duke" made me laugh silly. I loved that commercial....still do! I've looked for it on YouTube, but can't find it.
  3. donna723

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    I've never seen that one either! Sounds like a good one!

    Why is it that the good ones are only on a few times and then just disappear, while the annoying ones seem to be shown over and over ... and over again????
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    One of my favorite commercials ...or the All State Commercials featuring Kacey Khane. They have those ditzy broads driving the cars and being so enamored with him that they drive into objects and wreck cars.

    My favorite in the bunch is the one where they get a cop car and pull him over and order him to put his hands on the rear of the car, take a picture of his backside and drive off!

    Can you tell Im a Kacey fan?
  5. Lothlorien

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    Janet, I've not seen that commercial and I'm afraid I don't know who Kacey is either, but the commercial does sound funny.
  6. DammitJanet

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    Kacey is a Nascar driver and these girls tend to show up at either the races or events where Kacey is showing off his car and they drive into poles so that something crashed down and smashes his car into a

    They are so starry-eyed that they are day dreaming about him kissing them, proposing or some other fantasy that they dont come out of the day dream until its too late and they have hit the object and it comes crashing down.

    At some point in the commercials Kacey gets PTSD at the mere sight of these 3 women and drives his car into a barn containing fireworks and blows the car up! LMAO.

    They are really cute commercials.

    The line for all state is...Accident forgiveness...lmao.
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    Are the Comcast commercials nationwide? They have a series that are absolutely hilarious.

    A guy and a 10-pt. buck watching fireworks. Catchphrase: More bang for your buck.

    A guy at a restaurant. Waiter offers him some kaboodle along with his kit. Catchphrase: Get the whole Kit N caboodle.

    A guy goes to pick up his dry cleaning. The lady hits the button to spin the clothes around. One og the hangers has a dude hanging from it. Catchphrase: Don't get taken to the cleaners.

    2 guys waiting to use the phone, but they can't. Dracula is on the phone. Catchphrase (ready?): Count on your phone.

    Which stinks because I hate Comcast. Expensive jerks.
  9. Lothlorien

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    Really, Comcast has become less expensive now, but of course only if you have the package deal. Before we moved, we were paying about 210.00 for online, dish and phone. Now it's about 140. for everything with Comcast. I think with all the competition (around here, anyway) things have become much cheaper. Gosh, I can remember paying over $200.00 a month, just for my phone bill.(don't ask....lot's of long distance calls and some were for work that I was never re-imbursed for).
  10. On_Call

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    I LOVE the Orbit gum commercial - "you lint licker". That commercial always makes me stop whatever I'm doing and watch it. Love it, love it, love it. :smile:

    I used to love the credit card commercials for identity theft "$2,500.00 for a leather bustier. I don't care - it lifts and separates."

    Thank God for the few funny commercials, because we sure have to put up with alot of annoying ones, don't we??
  11. donna723

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    The Arby's dancing chimp commercial was on again last night ... and I laughed until I was almost sick - again!

  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Lint licker........ :thumbsup:
  13. Big Bad Kitty

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    OK, I've seen lint licker.

    I've never seen the dancing chimps! :frown:
    The one I DO see for Arbys (also pretty funny) is the construction guys. THey sit there, 2 hot girls walk by, they say nothing. Some schlubby looking guy walks by with an Arby's bag and they start to cat call him.

    Another series I laugh at is the WaMu commercials. I love those old guys.
    "I feel as free as a barn swallow!"
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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'>Thank you!</span> :laugh:

    <span style='font-size: 14pt'>Thank you!</span> :laugh:

    <span style='font-size: 17pt'>Thank you!</span> :laugh:

  16. Big Bad Kitty

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    THAT was funny.
  17. mrscatinthehat

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    Liked it!!!!