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  1. Hi All,

    I am new here, but you have all come highly recommend by a former member NCMomofTwo. I want to briefly share my story in the hopes that someone can help guide me in the right direction. I have a 13 year old boy who has been diagnosed with ADD, anxiety, sensory integretion disorder and possible Aspergers. Prior to the past 9 weeks he functioned pretty much normally. He was taking 36 mg. Concerta in the am and 18 mg at lunch. 9 weeks ago we moved to a different state. His prescription could not be refilled and they made he start over with the doctors here before they would prescribe any medication. He was/is an honor student until now. Last 9 weeks - all Fs. Not because he cannot do the work, but because he has no medication and cannot function. He has had 5 referrals for behavior issues from one particular teacher for sitting with legs in isle, chewing gum, talking, tapping pencil, etc. Today he was suspended because the same teacher had made yet another referral for my son being disprespectful when he told him he couldn't sit at the back of the class because 1)can't see the board and 2) he cannot follow the class. THe teacher's response was "not my problem, thank you and have a seat". My son proceeds to argue with the instructor about where he's siting and that earns him a spot in the administrator's office and a day's suspension. Okay, last Tuesday the new dr. prescribed 20 mg. Ritalin LA for him based on the paperwork his step-dad and I filled out. Not one teacher responded with their evaluations. Friday we have a parent conference with the one teacher, administrator, guidance counselor and step-dad and myself. ADD worker at doctors office has suggested I request an IDEA (IEP) evaluation and says that even if they don't agree to that, he has a right to certain assistance based on his ADD diagnosis alone. My son is depressed, irritated, aggravated and ready to just give up. I am a fighter and fight I will, but I feel like I am beating my head against a wall....Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated...
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    Welcome to the board. Glad you came here but am VERY sorry you had to. The recommendation to begin the IEP process was a good one. Do it. Put a request in writing to the school district for an "expedited" evaluation for Special Education services ASAP. Send it registered mail with "return receipt requested". That is important so someone there has to sign for it. In the mean time, take advantage of the meeting with the school personnel. Take all documentation you have of any and all diagnoses and the medications he was on. Is there a reason the new doctor switched medications? If he was successful on the Concerta dosages, then it only makes sense that it should be continued. If something is working, don't fix it. I would question the doctor and request they put your son back on the Concerta, unless there was a GOOD reason for the change. If you had no issues with the Concerta, I would go to a different doctor. Is the doctor a Psychiatrist? Did your son have an IEP at the old school? If he did, that should have transferred to the new school and they are obligated to follow it or hold an IEP meeting to make any changes.

    You have come to the right place. You will get very helpful suggestions from the parents here. They have been a Godsend to me. Good Luck and keep us posted.
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    Hello and welcome--

    Ugh! Sounds like everything is being un-cooperative right now...teachers, docs, etc...

    If the teachers are unwilling to fill out the evaluations, going in and complaining about it might get them to fill it in half-a**ed....which is worse than not doing them at all, in my humble opinion. That's what happened when I asked a few teachers if they wouldn't mind filling in evaluations for my daughter. Evidently, the teachers were unable to follow the instructions...long story short, the forms were useless!

    I am surprised that your pediatrician would not follow the records from your old doctor so that he could continue with the concerta. That doesn't seem right...

    Hopefully, the conference at school will help and get a few changes in preferential seating.
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    Did he have an IEP at the old school? If so, it's portable at the new school. If not, request the evaluation in writing by certified mail (send to didtict offices) because it kicks in a federally-mandated timeline.
  5. Thank you all for responding. I'll try to make this a little more clear. I was in a panic when I wrote it actually and frustrated beyond belief!

    TeDo: His prescription ended after we moved and and midway thru the 1st 9 wks in new school. Doctors here have his records from old pediatrician office, but wanted to know what all was going on at this point because they felt he may have built an "immunity" to the Concerta ??? He sees the doctors that are behavior specialists in the ADD/ADHD clinic that their office has. They have also made referrals for mental health follow up through school therapist on site at his school and the hospital behaviorial clinic. At this point, he sees no psychiatrist or therapist at all.

    Daisy: The teachers are overloaded per their own statements. So many budget cutbacks that they don't have time to complete things in a "timely manner". One particular teacher is really pushing me to make a formal personnel complaint due to his rudeness towards me and his seething voice mails.

    TiredMommy: No, my son has never qualified for any time of program or assistance ever. He hasn't ever experienced problems to this degree. He was an A student, always completed assignments, always completed and over-achieved on tests and projects, etc. All of this is totally off-character for what we knew as him.

    Any suggestions, thoughts I welcome anytime!