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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Shari

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    One of Wee's docs is in very serious legal trouble. Trouble that I think would probably call into question the dr's qualifications of being a doctor. doctor is not the one that wrote the big report on Wee, but is a key player in this.

    The doctor will not be practicing until the situation is resolved.

    With things as they are with the situation at school, I have to keep in the back of my mind that this may go DP or legal route.

    The other partners in the clinic have offered to take on the doctor's patients. Would it "look" ok to continue with one of the partners, or should I wipe my hands completely of this practice for now? Any thoughts?
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    By switching to another doctor, will you have to start at square one with treatments and/or diagnosis? Rather than start over, I think I'd stay with the same practice for continuity of care. If you think you might need to start over anyway, then make the change. Do you have another doctor in mind for Wee?
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    I think one of my considerations would be what kind of legal trouble. If it was a situation in which others at the office knew or strongly suspected and just turned a blind eye I'd be shopping for a new one, but if it's something that could only be on his head and no one else was the wiser, that would be a different situation.
  4. Shari

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    The other docs in the practice are clearly cooperating with the police. While their notice says they support their partner, they have given some of the evidence that was used to make the arrest.

    I know that they were consulted on a couple of Wee's more complex issues, so there would be some sort of familiarity by staying with the practice. And they are in cahoots with the doctor that did the language testing, so that would be a plus.

    I just worry that the whole practice might be tainted now, if this were to go to court at any time... I also think its entirely reasonable the other partners didn't know what else was supposedly going on.
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    Shari, given how I remember the office being, I don't think the other members could possibly have a clue what went on, unless a child told them about it. I do NOT remember ANY way for someone to see into the office after the door is closed. Unless they did some major remodelling and put a hole in the wall or something, there was no way to see inside his office. I spoke with Wiz today and he said he never got "that vibe" from the doctor in question. Another psychiatrist, the doctor he saw at the big psychiatric hospital practice in that city gave him "that vibe" and according to Wiz the doctor's eyes always stayed below the waist on kids - male or female. That doctor hasn't ever been charged, and I don't know how true Wiz' statements are, except in the regard that no doctor has ever touched him that way and he would have attacked anyone who tried. Which I fully believe. We switched away from the doctor at the big psychiatric hospital practice in that city because Wiz said the psychiatrist there was a pervert and made him uncomfortable.

    I pm'd you with the ONLY problem we had at the office the doctor who has been charged worked at. The other docs there will be familiar with Wee because after the testing is done they usually meet and discuss the results with all the docs so they get more than one perspective on the results. Or they used to.
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    Shari - I've been contemplating this for a while, going back and forth on it. My inclination would be to stay with the practice, for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you have to start over with- a new practice, you're going to be reinventing the wheel and who knows what diagnoses/recommendations the new guys will come up with. You've seen it enough on the board to know - 1 difficult child plus 3 independent professionals almost guarantees 3 different diagnoses. You have faith in the reports from this practice. Secondly, the trouble the dr. is in I don't think negates his contribution to Wee's evaluation, and there were other doctors involved in the evaluation so the findings I don't think can be called into question. Thirdly, the practice is I'm sure reeling and will be uber hypervigilant in the future to make sure that there is no possibility of similar allegations being made against the other partners. The dr.'s personal judgment absolutely could be called in question, but he'd been practicing for a very long time and I don't think his medical judgment would automatically be called into question. He didn't make a medical error, strictly speaking.

    And lastly, hon, you've trekked all over the Midwest getting the very best evaluations you could on Wee, on your own dime. If SD wants to call this particular evaluation into question, let them. They can foot the bill for a reevaluation. And it's not like they've ever followed any of the recommendations anyway, so realistically, they've got no basis to call it into question.

    in my humble opinion.
  7. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?


    While a complete break might look better if this were to go to court, I agree, and think we really need the continuity to go forward with Wee.

    I am going to get Wee into his therapist asap. Let her know what has happened with this other practice, etc. Let her do a little digging to be sure nothing inappropriate involves Wee. Jump thru all the hoops and cover my I am certain this doctor was no inappropriate with Wee. But...I'll do that, and then ask the partners to take on Wee. The fact remains that this doctor did get us traveling in the right direction with Wee.
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    wow interesting situation. I think i'd push to find out from the others at practice what charges they brought up against him before i make my final decision. I wouldnt' worry for you at all legally even if it went to court, you did nothing wrong Wee was just a patient. yet i'd wanna know for myself what is going on. If they got a warrant for an arrest they had enough evidence.

    just my thoughts. good luck
  9. Shari

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    I know what he was arrested for. I've read excerpts of the police report. The legal ground I am referring to is if the situation with Wee goes to DP or a legal route at school. The "other side" will do their best to blow holes in any reports we have...a doctor with serious legal proceedings against them is gonna be pretty easy to blow holes in.
    I am looking for preserve as much as I can on that the event I need it.