new email from our district...sounds closer???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Mar 20, 2012.

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    I wrote back thanking her and then asked if we could have a tour with Q on Friday since I think putting him on a long bus ride to some place he has never even seen to meet people he has never talked to before would be cruel.

    I can't find my card for the teacher. I will ask the law advocate for it.... there is break for both districts next week so if they dont arrange for this this week they want him just to get on a bus the following Monday and just start? No meetings to set things up or anything??? Seriously, there are so many details, medications, sensory issues, etc...things that are not in any papers they would ever get. I wont say anything to them but just ask to see the place because I dont want to tick anyone off but what can they be thinking? Of course I still wonder because the other district had said they were very cautious about taking out of member kids lately with a big switch in their sp ed director position. She doesn't want to leave the incoming person with any complicated issues. I can't help wanting to guard my heart and prepare for the stress of a no go. I dont want to be blind-sided.
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    Oh, Buddy. I so understand your being cautious. Nothing is done until every is signed, stamped and notorized!
    But let's stay optimistic. So far so good.
    As far as all the "details", maybe the new school has the same logic: let's talk about it when everythinh is final. Kind of cautious as well.
    Have you started to talk about it with Q? I know I'm always very careful with V when things are still up in the air. He does not understand and then obsess over it.
    I keep my fingers and toes crossed.
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    Good luck to you! I hope they accept him, desipite the sp ed changing supervisors. *Complicated issues*... well he/she might as well jump in with both feet, in my humble opinion.
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    He obviously knows we are looking at schools. He does not know any specifics because it would not go well if things did not go the way he planned. Last tour he thought it meant he would start the next day then he held it together the next day till about 4 pm and fell apart.....

    I try to never tell him things till they are ready to go on his schedule. He asks every day ....When can I take a bus again???

    He wants school so much. He did great at homebound today but before he went in (still not medication patches) I gave him an oral boost and it took about 20 minutes to kick in....he was throwing sticks and kicking the car, uggg.... I still have heard nothing from these jerks! I have called dr., pharmacy, and the insurance company (who are not answering by the way). It always confirms how well those patches work but it is HECK living with him when he is so aggressive. up and down blood levels are not the answer for him.
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    {{hugs}}, Buddy.

    Honestly, I don't really think it's an "if", but it might be a "when"... as in, starting Apr 2 is probably not the test option anyway...
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    Why are the doctor and ins co not answering the phone? Can you take him to an urgent care place and get the doctor there to write a short term rx for the medication? I know it isn't cheap, and maybe you will need to do oral, but it isn't healthy for him to be on/off the medication like this. Is this the catapres? Can you do the generic if you have to buy them out of pocket? Here they come with a little adhesive cover to keep them on, and one lady I knew used to buy tegaderm and let her son decorate it because then he left it alone because it was "cool", lol. It is dangerous for the doctor to not answer the phone, do you know who is covering for him? It is sprng break here and a lot of docs are out of town with their families, but they always have someone covering. I am sorry you have that to worry about also!

    The email sounds like the district wants this to start on april 2, but they are not thinking about Q, just about not having to provide anything for him. Of course they want the soonest date, but the new school would probably want at least another week to help you and Q adjust gradually. Or else the new school would adapt his day and maybe have you drive him at least one way for a few days as they start with a partial day so he can see what is going on there after he visits. I can't think of a good program for kids like Q that would have a kid just start with a long bus ride and then see no one that he knows for the rest of the day. talk about recipe for disaster! This school seems smarter than that (the new one). The old one really doesn't care and they proved that a long time ago!

    I hoep he is accepted and that the start is whatever Q needs to be set up for success!!! Sending all the good mojo I can!
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    Dr answered this morning...they said they will call back but the help desk at the insurance company was not answering.... I finally just got thru and they said it was just approved. I called the pharmacy and they didnt' have it but I got the number and from insurance and gave it to them so they put it in and it worked!

    We tried the generic one and it is huge compared to the name brand, somehow it is made differently and caused a ton of skin breakdown. One bath and it came off no matter what I used to cover it. I have no idea if it is HIS skin or if everyone is having trouble with the generic form??? But I usually am fine with generic, this was just too big an issue. If they come off then you have to put the next weeks patch on and by the end of the month you are short and can't get them till seven days before the next due date.

    They said AGAIN that this was for 12 months. Of course that is what they said in Jan too and here we are. No dosage change or anything. So frustrating because of all of his medications this one has the most impact on his behavior and it is the most dangerous to miss out on. I'd rather he have seizures than a stroke. So, pharmacy is getting it ready and we will leave in a little bit! YIPEE... I think it is because I complained on this board and you guys just put out a vibe.... so thanks!