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  1. amazeofgrace

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    difficult child I calls evil mother in law, he asks what is up with his Dad, She tells him, his father went to rehab because he started drinking again (no duh, I think we all figured that one out) she then went on to tell him, "your father started drinking again, because, he was so upset that he found out your Mother (me) was divorcing him."

    Can you believe that? ok yes, we all can, but come on! What do these people expect? What did he expect? The woman has brass ones I have to tell you!

    I am going to get a t-shirt made up that says "scapegoat", right after I get the one that says "mean people ****"!
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  2. nvts

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    You know, there are just people out there that are just a plain pain in the :censored2:!

    Maybe you guys should hit alateen so they can clearly understand that the responsibility lies with the alcoholic. It might be worth a shot!

    Miserable people thrive on dragging other people down with them and this one is truly a miserable witch!

    Keeping you and the boys in my thoughts & prayers!

  3. Andy

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    Always an excuse - never taking the responsibility. Must feel good to look so weak in mom's and sons' eyes because that is what he is. He found out that he can no longer use you to enable his poor choices and instead of growing up and taking it like a man and getting his life in order, he chooses to drink his problems away. WEAK!!!

    You are the strong one. You are taking control of your life and trying hard to keep S2BX's life from interferring too much with the boy's.

    Since he is so weak, his mommy will probably continue to enable. Sounds like she is approving of this lame excuse. She is not doing him any good.
  4. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    What a sensitive grandmother, always putting the feelings of her grandchild first and never saying a damaging word about his parents.........can we nominate her for grandmother of the year? What exemplary conduct befitting a woman of such character........

    Okay.........NOT........wish fairy tales would come true and evil mother in law would lose her voice before blurting out such "pearls" of wisdom.......
  5. amazeofgrace

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    the woman is the definition of ignoramous!
  6. meowbunny

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    Part of me feels sorry for the woman. Her adult son has come home as a complete and total failure. At one time, he was a man she could be proud of -- a husband who provided for his wife and children. This woman was raised at a time where the blame squarely laid on the mother. If the child failed, the mother was a failure. Plain and simple. So, she has to look at a child she loves drink himself stupid and either blame someone else or take the blame herself. She cannot put the blame where it truly belongs -- on his shoulders. She has to put it somewhere and that somewhere is on you. Stinks to high heaven but there's not a dang thing you can do about it. As I said, I feel sorry for her.

    However, I do believe someone should tape her mouth shut. She's toxic to her grandchildren and that is just wrong. Her generation was also taught to never ever speak badly of the parents to the children. She has no excuse. None. Nada. Zilch. Hopefully, she'll get over her anger and resentment and start behaving like she should. Until then, I'm afraid you and your kids have to deal with her as she is.
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  7. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I would encourage your children not to call their lovely grandmother anymore.

    She's a mess.
  8. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    Oh that just enrages me. What a bunch of horse hockey to tell to a child. Hmph. Does she need a brain duster? I would happily provide one for you.

  9. Hound dog

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    MB is right. Grandmother is toxic. grrrrrr

    It's one thing not to be able to face your son's addiction and failure, quite another altogether to say such horrible mean things to her own grandchildren.

    I think getting the teens to some alanon meetings is a good idea.

    If it were me though, I'd be telling dear ol' grandma to stay away until she can either place the blame where it belongs or keep her mouth shut about her opinions.

  10. KTMom91

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    Oh, man...what a witch. Grandma needs to keep away and keep quiet.
  11. Shari

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    What a witch. She should hang out with my mother in law and husband's ex. They could start a little club.

    I think it was Star, last time I ranted about husband's ex, who suggested getting a broom and writing on it "Saw this. Thought of you. Enjoy your new ride." Doesn't change the fact that they are witches, but it does make me laugh.

    Hugs. To you and y our kiddos, who have to learn to deal with someone like that.
  12. nvts

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    Actually, that WASN'T the definition that I had in mind...:devil:

  13. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Amaze -

    When you read this I really want you to "GRASP" what I am trying to get across to you. It helped me THE MOST when I was trying to recover from my x and his familes treatment of me. Really helped me get over the shock of the depths they were willing to go to to hurt me and my son.

    First of all - YOU ARE a LOVELY person.

    TODAY - YOU are a good mom, a good friend, a good daughter, a good sister and a caring, intelligent, warm, loving person. So many years ago when you met your x - you were very young, naive, sweet, and out to be the best wife, mother, daughter in law, happy and loving life. The world was great and everything in it was fixable. You at least had the support of your family on some things and tried to take how you were raised into your own family and improve on the things you thought could do better. So take a mental picture of YOU in a paper doll fashion and put yourself away from others.

    Now picture your X - He was raised in a home by a family that either unknowingly or uncaringly perpetuated a cycle of addiction, enabling, violence and somewhere along the line found a level of tolerance for those behaviors. Picture him as a person you hardly know - maybe you cut him out of a magazine - and put his paper doll person - out in the yard- leave it at the supermarket - take a trip and put it under a rock 500 miles from you - because in essence THAT is how far apart you should be. That family and their support system while similar on the outside looked like a typical family - a little different than yours you may have thought, but workable in the naive head of a young girl. And so without further ado you married. You are NOT married in heart any more.

    When you marry - you usually marry someone similar to your background, income, education etc. And that's what you thought you did. Things looked similar but couldn't have been MORE different from how you were brought up. I don't know about you - but I feel I was manipulated and may as well have signed on to be a crew hand for the Flying Dutchman.

    What I learned in therapy was not a prejudiced statement - but I kept thinking of my xmil and my x as equals to my intelligence, my love, my capacity for forgiveness, my patience and they are not. Never will be. And ALL OUR LIVES we are taught - to make things fair, equal, don't judge, don't be prejudiced. So we don't tend to look down at our inlaws -in our minds we make them equals. If they behaved in a human manner then we could. But when they do and say and behave like your xmil does - we are shocked - and ACTUALLY GIVE her credit for being our equal when we are shocked by her behavior.

    She is not your equal - she never was - she never will be. She's a sad, hateful, manipulative, miserable, possibly mentally ill, woman who has existed and continues to perpetuate her hate EVEN in her words to her grandchildren. If your children were precious to her - she wouldn't say a thing about their mother. But nothing is precious to her.

    If you BEGIN to think of her in this light - her words will matter less and less to you. She won't stop saying them - but eventually you'll train yourself to watch her mouth move and not listen to a thing she is saying. Tell yourself OVER and over when you get angry - I do NOT give you that POWER to ruin one minute of my life, NOT one.

    Take the POWER that she has OVER YOU - away -

    She counts for NOTHING........

    and yeah - I have sent a few brooms in my life - lol. :tongue:
  14. amazeofgrace

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  15. meowbunny

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    Hey, I said SHE could be proud of -- remember, her vision is so skewed she can't see that she needs to force him to take responsibility for his actions and not blame the mother of her grandchildren.

    As to which broom, I vote for either the green or baby blue one, depending how heavy she is. Course, I do think she is an insult to all witches -- at least those I've known. They took responsibility and certainly did not behave in such a manner to be pitied by strangers like me.
  16. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Hey, they're free! Why be picky. Send them al;l.

    Be sure to come sweep out our horse trailoer befopre you send them tho.,,,
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911

    #3........there are obvious reasons that tell of a bad brooms intentional sale......#4? Is in bad need of a ring job.....see all the soot around the top of the broom? Definitely indicates she's blowing fanned out to get great mileage......

    Personally I'd tell her the one with the MOST
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Heck =- send me her address - she doesn't know anyone in SC - lol
  19. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I'll give ya an address.....

    Actually, what a great business venture... Brooms Anonymous. Secrectly sending brooms to verified witches around the globe.
  20. amazeofgrace

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    the woman is plum evil, my difficult child I called her and had her pick him up for the day yesterday and the whole time he was with her and my sister in law, they bad mouthed me and blamed me for S2BX being in rehab again. Then difficult child I comes home and uses it to attack me "you drive me to do things that are wrong, just like you drove poor Dad to rehab" he says, nice huh, then he says "does that hurt Mom?" in his evil manipulative tone of voice.

    I am so tempted to let them know that both of my difficult child's are seeing qualified in home therapists, that would be more then happy to testify in court for difficult child's best interests, and that difficult child's do discuss, discussions that have been had with them.