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    And NO it's not in MY house. lmao

    easy child has been looking for the perfect puppy for the past few months. She'd been communicating with a Yorkie breeder for the past couple of weeks. She was in no hurry because although she likes the breed, she wasn't sure it would be a good fit with Darrin who has only been around large dogs and tends to be a bit rough.

    This breeder has 5 kids all under the age of 9. She has 3 cats. This stood out to easy child, and me as I was helping her, because the puppy would have been raised with small children from birth and shouldn't have issues with cats. (easy child already has a cat)

    So after much thinking and discussing the issue, easy child, myself, and family went to meet the breeder and puppy.

    Yorkies are adorable puppies. lol I was brought along because I have experience with breeders, know what to look for and what questions to ask.

    It was obvious the pup had a great affection for young children, especially the breeder's 4 yr old son. Puppy also seemed to take right to Darrin who fell in love at first sight. We watched the kids play with the puppy while we discussed things with the breeder and met the parents. (wonderful sweet dogs)

    easy child adopted the tiny pup tonight. Darrin named him Buster. (from My Friends Tigger and Pooh) On the 1 1/2 hr ride home Buster was nervous until we placed him onto Darrin's lap where he fell immediately asleep. lol

    Like I said, he's adorable. Not the least skiddish or timid. Obviously well socialized. Up to date on all shots ect. In excellent health, although breeder asked easy child to take him to be vet checked within 2 wks to be sure. No problem as he needs his last set of shots anyway. Breeder did tell easy child if she was going to have him neutered she might want to hold off a while. Seems his is an excellent line and if she registers him easy child might have other breeders banging on her door to breed. easy child is thinking about it. Breeder asked if easy child would please keep in contact as she would like to know how the lil guy is doing and easy child agreed.

    When easy child first mentioned she wanted a yorkie I was worried about Darrin and the size. But seeing them together I doubt it is going to be an issue. Buster has taken to Darrin like a duck to water. (he used to sleep with the breeder's son) And easy child told him if Buster does well with his housetraining he can sleep with Darrin when he gets a bit bigger.

    So now I get to enjoy a puppy that I don't have to worry about. lmao I guess I'm Nana to this puppy, too. (according to Darrin)

    Nichole was fit to be tied. But didn't dare ask for a pet. :rofl:
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    What great fun! Hope the newbie to the family brings you a ton of love and joy!

  3. Fran

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    Lisa, they are adorable. I may add one to my doggie family at some point. I have a feeling the little one will run the roost over my two behometh, docile pups.
    Good luck with the pup.
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    I have had my yorkie Prissy for 4 years. She is the best dog I've ever owned----she sleeps with me every night---right behind my right shoulder. Tell easy child to make sure she gets his teeth cleaned once a year. Yorkies have a horrible problem with teeth decay. Also, keep him brushed every day. They are easy to groom. They don't shed. They become very attached to their owners, but are great with others as well.
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    It's funny...I have some 90 year old woman come in every day with her Yorkie in a bag, always in a different outfit. She's as adorable as her pup. I'm sure she's a good companion.