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    I know we've done this before, but I must share my newest discovery: low sodium V-8 in a can. OMG, this will take you from starving, to completely full, and it only has 70 calories for the entire large can. It does have 15 carbs, and some sugars for those who watch those things (I only count calories). It's great if you are hungry between meals.

    Another thing, Jello brand sugar free rice pudding. It's in the dairy section, 60 calories, sold in those 6 packs. Add some cinnamon and you will feel like you're eating the most fattening thing, it's awesome!-Alyssa
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    We went through a phase of V-8 and difficult child 1 wanting gazpacho.

    So we developed this recipe - a glass of V-8 (tomato mostly). Dash of tabasco. Some fresh basil, ice cubes, a few slices of onion, a slice of garlic. Blend, serve with more ice and a celery stick as swizzle stick.

    For the cocktail party, add vodka.

    difficult child 3 made huevos rancheros the other night, using the recipe in his Nintendo DS Cooking Guide. I'm not sure when this gem of software is available in the US but I strongly recommend you get one, so you can get your kids to do the cooking. The recipes are a bit simplified (in my opinion). The huevos rancheros - lovely. And probably very low-cal, low-fat and balanced. I liked it so much I cooked it for lunch for us today. Obviously you have to avoid loads of cheese and sour cream! The salsa in the recipe was made from tinned tomatoes, but I used bottled sugo (or passata). You could use bottled pasta sauce.

    I've found a good thing to use for flavour on this diet - fresh herbs from the garden. It can make such a great difference. Plus there's something liberating about going out to the garden, plucking a leaf here, a stem there, adding it to your food and knowing you just made a distinctive gourmet meal with the freshest ingredients.

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    I wish I could find WI Fit!
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    The Nintendo Cooking Guide isn't for the Wii, it's for the Nintendo DS. It also has a voice command option so you can navigate through this recipe by voice alone. It also tells you what to do next. Lots of other useful features - search for recipes by ingredient, by country of origin, by style, by calorie etc. You can also mark off what you don't have and it will make up a shopping list for you.

    The Wii Fit - love it. But I need to spend more time on it, maybe doing more of the aerobic exercises. I'm going to try and get difficult child 3 to do some of the push-ups etc. I can do the zen stuff really easily, the yoga less easily. I think I need to organise difficult child 3 into a daily Wii Fit session for both of us, as a regular before school routine.

    I have a fine needle biopsy on a large lump in my thyroid tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

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    hmmmmmmmmmm I love sliced advocado with sliced chicken and chick peas tossed in LF creamy italian dressing, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm