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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by beebz, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. beebz

    beebz Member

    What on earth.... nah... just kidding....

    What is the most dangerous thing you've ever done, or scary thing you made yourself do out of challenging your fear?

    have fun ! ~beebz~
  2. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    I got married a second time.

    That may sound like a joke...but nothing I've had actual control over has ever scared me that much. I almost backed out a dozen times.

    20 years ago April 8. :)

    Physically, I'm a pretty play-it-safe person. LOL!
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  3. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    I'm terrified of heights, to the point that going up on a stepstool is hard for me. The only time being up high doesn't frighten me is if I'm on a horse and that horse is not on a mountain trail. I've been up in a helicopter...AND, I rappelled off the training tower (in a special safety harness, and accompanied by a trainer who could grab me if anything went wrong) on AIr Assault Family Day at Ft. Campbell, when my husband was stationed there. Case of...OK...proved I can do it...I ain't doing it again. If I have to rappel in a life or death situation, I can. Only damned way I'm going up in a chopper again is if Life Flight scrapes me off a highway somewhere, or it's the only way to get me out of the mountains. If I have to go up in a basket stretcher and I'm conscious...just OD me on morphine cuz I'll die of fright on the way up.
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  4. JMom

    JMom Active Member

    I got maced, in the face, on purpose for a job.:mad:
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  5. Nomad

    Nomad Well-Known Member

    I got a master’s degree late in life. I was by far the oldest in my class.

    I’m not much of a risk taker.
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  6. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    Scary things...

    Leading an AlAnon meeting for the first time

    Sharing my life/faith story at church

    Spending nights in my car, driving around, trying to find DGD. Following cars that left the dealers house, keeping a baseball bat next to me.

    Trying to learn to give my son (then 12) an allergy shot. I got weak, almost fainted, gave up.

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  7. BusynMember

    BusynMember Well-Known Member

    I was such a play it safe person that I have to go way back to high school to think of anything risky. But it was not smart.

    I had a few actual risk taking friends. They used to hitch hike to get around. I almost never did that, but three times I did. Two times nothing happened. The third time was different.

    One of my friends was legally blind without her glasses, but didn't like the way she looked in glasses do she rarely wore them. One summer night the girls talked me into hitchhiking and we stood in the street. My legally blind friend suddenly stuck out her thumb. A car pulled up right away. It was a police car. My other friend and I had seen that it was a police car, but she had not.

    My legally blind friend gushed,"Wow! That was fast! We must look great tonight!"

    I got grounded for three months by my parents for getting pulled into the police station. There was also a ticket I remember I had to pay out of my part time work money.

    That was my big risk. Never did it again, but my friends did.
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  8. louise2350

    louise2350 Member

  9. louise2350

    louise2350 Member

    I, too, along with some friends did hitchhike in a big city. We were very young and I didn't want to appear like a chicken so went along. A few times things could've turned out bad and I finally stopped although my friends didn't. But, as I look back on all of that, I know there was someone watching over me. How stupid of us to do such a thing.
  10. beebz

    beebz Member

    I meant scary fun like roller coasters lol, challenging yourself, your fear; not stupid, but stupid will do .. lol (no offense to anyone) ! ! !
    I like the pepper spray one, and getting married a second time, that was funny (but not meant to be).
    I jumped off an illegal waterfall where many people died.
    I hitchhiked a lot back then and never thought of the danger. Thank God I am here and not in a dungeon somewhere. I went zip-lining , horrified of heights but drank 4 shots of $400 brandy (didn't help). Zipped anyway and loved it.
    Ok, hopped, rode, and jumped off moving trains.

    Challenging was the drop zone at Kings Island. I pray to the heavens and cry why did I do this (again) on the way up, with my eyes closed, because I LOVE THE DROP. I shake at heights but continue to challenge myself at 58.
    I am horrified at heights but I plan on skydiving with my son, because YOLO right?
    Just a few for now -

    and people think I'm a saint who wouldn't even say a dirty word... I'm not a liar, I just grew up.
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  11. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the long and happy marriage!

    I’m more the “marry in haste, repent in leisure” type! (not talking about my wonderful hubby now, of course! He is the greatest husband ever!)
  12. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    A lot of people would consider Jabber and I to have married in haste. LOL We'd been dating 7 months when he proposed. I told him we had to be together at least a year before we got married. (Married in haste the first time too - and regretted immediately!) Jabber and I met in February (blind date), got engaged after 7 months, in September, and we married 14 months after our first date (actually 13 and a half) in April.
  13. BusynMember

    BusynMember Well-Known Member

    Can't tell anything really scary if we didn't do scary. I don't do drugs or rarely drink and never did shots even when at an age when others did. I liked to be in control of what I did and not intoxicated. I was not a partier. I was studious, responsible and boring. I still

    I also was pretty immune to peer pressure and I still don't follow the crowd. The hitchhiking was incredibly bold for me. Maybe trying to smoke a cigarette with my friends was my second biggest risk. I threw up lol. Never touched a cigarette again.
  14. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I took a gun away from a 10yo. I was only 12, but I had training in firearms from my Dad and the gun club we belonged to. I had been shooting for several years. A neighbor left his LOADED rifle sitting on a coffee table while his kids had friends over. I ended up having to be the responsible adult in the house when his mom saw him pointing it at other kids and walked out of the room without saying or doing anything.

    I married the cute student teacher from 9th grade. The year I was in 8th grade, the 9th grade science teacher had a student teacher. Everyone thought he was SOOOO CUTE! When I was 20, we were set up on a blind date (Hubby was almost 12 years older than me) and the rest is history. Of course, he WAS dressed up for a Halloween party when we met. He was a dog. HIs best friend's wife was holding his leash. Not a good impression, but it gave me 28 years of love.
  15. Overwhelmed1

    Overwhelmed1 Active Member

    I pondered for years about staying married ( I married for life). Once I came to the conclusion that God did not intend for me to stay married if it was a loveless one, I ended it.
    Once I took that big step, I decided I need to LIVE for once.
    I began facing my fears.
    I took scuba lessons and dove in the ocean. Big deal because I am afraid of water especially huge bodies of water.
    I went para sailing and rode in an airplane. So scared of heights.
    This one is silly but I went to a restaurant and a movie alone. Scared to be out like that by myself.
    The silly thing I did was tried pole dancing. Haha not in a bar or nothing but at a gym.
    So in 2 years I faced my worse fears!!
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  16. 200Meters

    200Meters A real bustard

    Back when I was still doing annual reserve duty (at 56, I am long since discharged) with the Israel Defense Forces, I remember being on the Lebanese border one year on motorized patrol. I remember my first shift, the 23:00-07:00 shift. We (driver, Bedouin tracker, officer, sergeant and me, the medic) rode around in a modified light truck. I was acutely aware that if we got into a firefight or were attacked, etc. these guys' lives would depend on me. That realization was like drinking 100 cups of coffee. I was absolutely, searingly, totally wide awake.

    (In the 11 years that I did annual reserve duty, I never even had to point my weapon at someone let alone fire it. The only people I had to treat were in exercises and the most serious thing I ever had to do not in an exercise was take a splinter the size of a redwood out of a soldier's hand and clean and patch hum up.)
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  17. Copabanana

    Copabanana Well-Known Member

    Although I was a risktaker as a child, I have not knowingly taken physical risks as an adult, at least consciously. I was a speed demon driver, that was the only thing. I regret that greatly. I'm fear-ridden now.
    What I have done is repeatedly do things that might give others pause. Like work on Death Row. Or in Super Max prisons. Or unprotected and alone, to work in a number of maximum security prisons. And to be solely responsible to make decisions about others' health and welfare in these settings. But I don't think this counts because I never felt fear or thought about it.

    I traveled a lot as a woman alone with a small child in third world countries. Anything could have happened. Once it did. My son got deathly ill in El Salvador. I think his fever rose to 110. There was no adequate medical care. And then we were trapped in Hurricane Mitch. And all of the doctors went to assist the hurricane victims. I had become numb with fear. Luckily, I got him to a first class hotel where there was a doctor available.

    This thread is about "danger" but I think about danger as "fear" which is something very different. Because now many mundane and non-dangerous things make me fear ridden. I think I am a very confused person about danger. I used to never see it. Now I see it everywhere.

    I think this is a very interesting thread to think about. I think the most dangerous things we expose ourselves to, we may be unaware of. They have not risen to consciousness. Even physically dangerous things. They may never even rise to consciousness. And the idea of risk changes over time. When I was a kid we all rode bikes and road flexi's head first without helmets. Mothers never thought one minute about brain injury.
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  18. BusynMember

    BusynMember Well-Known Member

    I disagree, Copa. This is about danger. You did put yourself in danger.I know your job made that necessary. I would have felt it was dangerous to travel in third world countries. Whether you were or were not afraid you took risks

    I wish I had been bolder. It is not necessarily negative to not fear risks. At least I don't think so. You lived a far more colorful life than many people, like me. I truly avoided risks. I did not forget the risks I took. I played it very safe my whole life, even in college. I was always considered "grounded" and my friends parents loved me. As an adult a drink once every six months is my risky behavior lol.
  19. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    Hilarious! Love the funny stories!

    We had a similar thread a couple of years ago and another member had the exact same thing happen—hitchhiking with a legally blind friend and a policeman stopped!

    Was that the 1970s? I think every young person hitchhiked back then!
  20. BusynMember

    BusynMember Well-Known Member

    Yep. That's when.