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    My glasses broke a few weeks ago so I got my eyes examined. New bifocals at the eye doctor would be $300 min, and we can't pay that. I was a bit leary about online glasses now that I need bifocals, but went ahead and ordered them anyway.

    I got them today and WOW! I am IN LOVE! I used a place I have used before and even with no-line bifocals and a high power rx, I got two pairs for $60 with scratch coating and the anti-reflective coating and shipping. That is total, not each. I did get a 2 for 1 deal, but one frame is rimless and memory metal frame that bends and the other is half-rim with spring hinges. They both fit perfectly and even the bifocal part is at the right place for me.

    So if you need glasses, it may be worth looking online. These frames are sturdier than most of what I saw at the eye doctors and at the eyemart type places. They are sturdier than what either kid got from the eye doctor also. I did have to adjust one pair, but having had glasses most of my life, that is not new.
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    Awesome!!!What is the name of the site you used? I broke my rx glasses about a month ago and am using OTC and $1 store glasses. How does it work? Do you send in the rx? Thanks. I'm so glad that you are totally hooked up! That's a great price,
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    UAN, I went to I have used them before and the quality has gone up but not the prices, which is nice. I did NOt get the thin and light lenses because with rimless frames esp but also the half rim ones, the thicker lenses mean a more stable pair of glasses. Plus the cost of course.

    You enter your rx online. You can fax it to them if you want. They need the PD, or pupillary distance number. The other eyeglass places measure it with that thing that looks like a viewmaster from when we were kids. You know, the one you put the little cardboard circle with pictures in? It tells the distance between your pupils.

    Before you order, go to and read. They have directions to measure your PD at home and tips on choosing a frame and what the different measurements are. They really like a company called EyeBuyDirect but I have had AWFUL service from them. If you do not want to buy 2 pairs during their 2 for 1 sales, they send email after email to try to get you to agree to purchase 2 pairs rather than sending the one pair you want. Their customer service people actually screamed at me over the phone and the supervisor was even worse to me. I was furious. But the info on the website is super helpful, just avoid that company. The website posts different deals from the online optical places but lately seems to only post the ones from EyeBuyDirect. Not sure why,but I won't recommend that company.

    Anyway, I hope you get a pair you like. I don't pay extra for most coatings but the antireflective one is very much worth the five bucks that I paid for it. It is $80 or more at opticians here, and that is not worth the price, in my opinion. It makes a real difference if you have migraines, but that price is just nuts. Most coatings are a big scam and cost WAY less than what is charged, so be aware.

    I couldn't be more happy with these glasses. I hope you feel the same. It is NOT hard to measure the PD yourself. I have done it in the past with no problem. You can upload a photo to Goggles4U and see what your frames look like on your photo,which is interesting.
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    Thank you for all that terrific information. I am going to call my eye dr. on Monday and get the rx.
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    My rx is like 6 years out of date so I cant send it in so I am going to America's Glasses I think the name is called. You get two pair for $60 including the eye exam. Now Im sure that is just the basic glasses not including bifocals. I will need one pair of bifocals and one pair of just distance glasses which are tinted. I do want the anti-glare on the tinted ones because they are my driving glasses.
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    Susie that is so cool. :)

    You may have helped me be able to afford new glasses. Once I get a new eye exam, that is.

    Frames aren't usually an issue for me (except walmart frames are flimsy), I can get them cheap enough. It's the lenses that cost out the wazoo and can break the bank. And twice now walmart hasn't gotten it right. Ticks me off. They can get it dead on with the contacts when I want them, but never the glasses. Problem is my eyes have dryness issues when wearing contacts so I would rather have the glasses.
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    Did anyone see the news show about how nearly all glasses are made at the same place? Designer or not. I think it's in Italy. They force the stores to not but from independents....nearly every big and little store gets their glades from them.

    Just interesting...
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    I have similar problems with contacts, Lisa. These may not be the best quality frames, but they are affordable and compared to some (esp the Vera Bradley line and one other higher end line), they are downright heavy duty. I was shocked at how flimsy some of the designer lines are.

    I love rimless glasses, but they are not the most durable. I find the half rim ones last MUCH longer than the reg kind. The lens is held in wtih what looks like fishing line and it means the lens does not pop out. I had the last pair for at least four years and never once had to put a lens back in. If your frames do break, many optical places can fix them. I went in to look at new glasses and teh woman at the eyemart type place put a new earpiece on (temple is I think hte name, the part that goes back to your ear) and wouln't charge me even when I told herthat I was going to order online most likely. It was really nice.

    You do have to take them to be adusted if you cannot adjust them yourself. One place here charges more for that than an eye exam! Needless to say, they are hurting BAD for business. I don't mind paying, but I do mind extortion for three min of work.

    It does not matter how old the rx is when you order online. If you can still see out of them, and don't think you need an eye exam, you can use an older rx. You type the rx in yourself and you need to triple check it before you enter it. Then go back after the order is processed and make sure that it went through properly. My PD number somehow changed after I typed it and by actually going back a few hours later to verify I entered the right numbers, I was able to get them to fix it. there was no extra charge or wait, and no hassle.

    If you want to use frames you have, many places offer relensing. You enter your info and get an order number, then mail in your frames. You get glasses in return.

    Another tip through trial and error is that the thin and light lenses are not always the best choice. For the half rim and rimless glasses that I have had, the standard lens works better. They are not heavy like glass lenses bit the extra thickness means they are more sturdy. I had a pair of the thinnest lightest ones in rimless frames a few years back an they were great for about five months. Then they fell apart. The lens didn't give enough stability, in my opinion. I have had no such problems when I use the standard lens. (The standard progressive bifocal lenses were $33 I think on top of the frame charge.)

    I also got a neat screwdriver with my rimless lenses. It has the reg flat and Phillips heads, and then two hex sockets to tighten the other part of the frames. It is on a keychain and very helpful already!

    Frames from Goggles4U start at $6.95 and go up. They often have sales also. I have also used Zenni Optical but when I had a problem it took them over a month to send me their little kit iwth the screws and washers to put my rimless frames(in the thin lenses) back together. I had no other problems, but they do not have many sales that I have seen. They are also slow in shipping which can be a PITA. I would use them if they had a great deal, but not as first choice,Know what I mean??

    If you want the lenses that get darker if it is bright outside, go for teh brand name. I used the not brand name and they not only did not get dark quickly, they didn't darken much at all. Just enough that I could not put sunglasses over them and still see. After a year they stopped getting lighter which was also annoying but as my rx had changed a lot, I just didn't get them again.

    If you like clip on sunglasses, order extra pairs. They are inexpensive and will be the right shape for your glasses.
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    Cool! I've never heard of that before. Congrats.