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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by dawn33, Jul 1, 2008.

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    I just wanted some other parents opinions. My pediatrician always tells me anything is normal for a small child, so I don't know if I just over react. I am a nurse, and am now doing psychiatric nursing, so I know that I can analyze my childs symptoms too much, but after an hour long tantrum today, I decided to do some online research and I found this sight.
    My son will be three in six weeks, and has a very loving, sweet personality, but will throw these tantrums. Sometimes it is from not getting his way, and sometimes there is nothing that will make him happy. For instance he starts screaming he wants milk, and I give it to him, and then he wants juice, and once I don't react, and go back and forth with him he starts screaming about something else. When he gets really upset he will throw his body on the floor whether it be from his bed, the couch, or just jumping in the air. It scares me that he is going to hurt himself. I have tried timeout, and putting him in his room, and ignoring him, but he doesn't stop until he calms down. This may be normal for an almost three year old child, I don't know, but any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Hi and welcome.

    An hour long tantrum for a determined 3 year old isn't unusual in itself.

    Other than the times he doesn't go into tantrums, is he generally responsive to discipline?

    How often are you seeing these extended tantrums?
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    As far as him being responsive to discipline, it is strange. Sometimes he listens well, and other things like hitting we have been to timeout, talked about it, etc. many many times, and he still hits me when he gets upset and will hit other children as well.
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    If you were to see my daughter in action you would probably think you son was Mother Theresa. My daughter WILL hurt herself....slam herself into walls, hit herself in the head with her hands, hit objects....and all for similar reasons your son throws tantrums and more. But on the flip side, she is a friendly, loving, sweet, playful and well adjusted little girl. When I find the answer to these kinds of questions I will probably win the Nobel prize....and I will definately get in touch with you too :)