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    I could quite easily turn this into a novel...but I'll try to keep it short. Today, I got a call from my son's school. He's on an in-school suspension because he threw stones at a student the Principal says he's been bullying.

    First, I'd like to say that my son (9) and the girl he's apparenly bullying (11) have been friends since he started school. This behaviour is completely uncharacteristic of him. However, for the last 4 schooldays there have been escalating problems. There are many other situations they could have told me about that I wouldn't have questioned.

    My son is ADHD, (diagnosed at age 6) and takes Ritalin (10 mg, 3 times per day). He's been tested for a learning disability but the results were inconclusive because his ADHD is not under control. I go today to have a second referral for diagnosis of ADHD today, but I am now wondering if there isn't some other complicating factor that's causing this latest behaviour problem.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi and welcome. Sorry you had to find us, but you've found a good place to be.

    Who diagnosed your son? What other evaluations has he had? Not nosey, its just info that helps people understand where you are in the process (novels are good, sometimes!)

    I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions right now. My son does the same kind of crud, for no apparent reason.
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    It's very likely he was reacting and not instigating. That's usually been the case for my middle son. I would ask for an observation by the school psychologist to find out what is provoking these behaviors. Does your son have a 504 plan or an IEP?

    You should probably create a signature for yourself so we don't keep asking you the same questions about your son's background :)
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    I just got back from the appointment to schedule his assessment. The "Fill-in" councellor from a Local Childrens Mental Health Organization has actually scheduled an observation of Brendan at his school for the end of the month, while I was still in the office. When I asked the school about this before, they said they don't have the resources.

    There is a councellor at the school who works with my and on, but she's not been very helpful. Mostly makes me feel like I'm a terrible if I don't already feel that way!

    My son was originally diagnosed by a Child Psychologist who was recommended by our family physician. I don't disagree with the diagnosis...but the school didn't inform the Board Appointed Psychologist of this when his testing was done. Therefore, his report on my son's learning disability testing is pointless.

    As for any other testing....I'm on my own for now. I think that's why the family councellor has asked for the reassessment. I think it may encompass more than just the ADD.

    Thanks for your replies....I'm not feeling quite so panicked now. Just frustrated.
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    Hello and welcome to the board!

    Not much advice to offer other than continue to seek out an evaluation to see if there are issues present in addition to the ADHD. Did you ask your son about the rock throwing incident? I am wondering what his take on the incident is. Was he provoked? Poor judgement? Impulsivity?

    Good luck resolving this situation and in getting the evaluations. Keep us posted.