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    Hi..I am mom to 6 kids. 3 girls ages 24, 10 and 7 and 3 boys ages 19, 16, and 9. My 9 year old, darling boy that he is, was diagnosis'd with Bipolar a couple of years ago. he has been thru numerous medications (20-25 of them)..we finally found a mix that works for far. He is currently on Serequel, Clonidine, Adderall. He has been hospitalized 5 times now I believe. he's a complicated little guy, but cute!!
    Anyways, my hubby is self employed, and come to think of it, I guess I am to. I do in home daycare.
    This looks like a very good site, I will be visiting quite often for some information/feedback. I look forward to meeting all of you.

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    Your Welcome Ivy! You sure have your handsful and could use all the support you can get.

    Glad you came to join me over here :)
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    Hi and welcome it's a good place to be.

    this is where most of my night after kids are tucked in is spent.

    your son has BiPolar (BP)? wow my daughter was recently diagnosed as well and anxiety disorder. yet we're not firm believers on the BiPolar (BP) right now. she's on abilify only. had her on clonidine for Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) yet she doens't seem to be cycling anymore.

    she too has been on bunch of medication's, seroquel before this.

    so what were his symptoms? how is he doing now? why was he hospitalized?

    welcome again,
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    and wow you do have your hands full just realized how many little people you have......good for you. :)
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    Welcome, from Central Wisconsin (and bummed out because the Packers just lost).
    I'm in the Wisconsin Rapids area. What facility did you go to to diagnose your child?
    Hope to see you a lot :)
  6. tichey_98

    tichey_98 New Member son was hopitalized for out of control behaviors. he would attack his dad, totally trash the house..quite a few times we would end up calling the police, which led to a ambulance ride to the hospital, and generally a transfer to another hospital. He has broken windows, punched holes in walls, thrown my plants across the room, and one time he lifted a 250 pound cop the floor. The cop needless to say was just astounded. Today, he is a totally different child. Back in November, his last hospitalzation, he was on 150 mgs of Serequel. When he got out, his doctor ordered his Serequel increased (slowly I might add) to 1200 mgs daily. The difference is like night and day. NO more rages, he listens, bedtime is awesome...this weekend he did more work than all my kids put together. Pooped him right out, he was sleeping on the couch by 6:30pm. He is also in a daytreatment program half days. He gets anger management, coping skills, daily living skills. He learns alot from there. He will come home and put it to use with his sisters....kinda funny listening to him sometimes. He goes half days there, and half days to school. He has made just tremendous progress. But, its always in the back of your mind, when the bottom is gonna fall know its going to, but when?? I just take the good days while they are here. Enjoy him.