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    Firstly, I'm so glad to have found this forum, full of people who can relate to what life can be like!

    I am a single mum to 3 boys, aged 12 (diagnosed Aspergers) 9 and 6, who has a suspected diagnosis of conduct disorder.

    My 6 yo has always been troublesome since the age of 2 yo, when he started pre-school, his challenging behviour was put down to the fact i worked at the pre-school, eventually he went to a nursery where his behaviour continued. He was excluded from school for a good amount of his reception class from his violent behaviour. The school had reported they thought he had ODD, although they then took their words back and said he was just acting up.

    Whilst his behaviour was most sever at school, it was milder at home, then vice versa, He has an IEP in school but they have said he does not need a statement. However today his home/school book says how bad today has been, he ran out of class for 40 mins(according to my son) No supervision whilst he was out, just the teacher popping their heads out the door to make sure he was ok!

    He was seen Jan last year and had to be re-assessed, we waited 14 months to be seen again and only then was that because i had had enough and complained to my doctor and various other agencies after having put his eldest brother in hospital, it has now been suggested that he has CD, He is violent, steals, Cruel to people & animals, fire starts, Runs away, Swears, Spits.. It's a constant battle, He has been medicated at night times as he does not sleep, he takes melatonin, which is fantastic. We have another assessment appointment on the 7th June, where hopefully he is diagnosed and treatment can begin.

    Whilst i am here, does anyone also know if he should be statemented, with regards to his behaviour in school, It is known that he responds better to 1 to 1 guidance. I'm guessing that people from the UK may be able to help me here as may be different in other places but i may be wrong?

    Hope i'm posting in the right place!:redface:
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    Hi! Welcome! I am afraid I don't understand some of the things you mention, but I DO understand life with a difficult child (Gift from God, aka the child who brought you here).

    First of all, what do you mean by a Statement, or being statemented? That is a term some of us will be unfamiliar with.

    I do recommend reading, "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. It has helped many of us. I also recommend the Love and Logic books as they stress natural consequences. You can learn more about them at

    What kinds of professionals have evaluated your child and what have they recommended? What does his school IEP suggest? Here in the US an IEP is a legal document that tells what the school must do to help a child. Schools are required to provide the accomodations that are in the IEP. How do IEP's work in the UK?

    Sending many hugs and welcome!!
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    I think a "statement" is an order of commitment to a psychiatric hospital. In some areas, they call it "chaptering".