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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here. My son was orignially diagnosed with PDDNOS at 18 months. He has done so well and is so ahead cognitively. He is now 5 1/2 years old and in kindergarten and was reclassified with ADHD.

    Socially, he has so many challenges with personal space, inappropriate talking, inability to stay on topic, always wanting to be over active with friends - running in circles, jumping around, etc. Kids are starting to avoid him and loose patience with hiim and not want him around.

    He is doing very well in school and the teachers say they do not see alot of this behavior and what they do see is managable with minimal redirection.

    He will not allow us to redirect him socially, no matter if it is after school, weekends, mornings, etc. He gets wild and refuses to listen to directions even though we go through the plan, etc. We have to "break him" down and it usually results to tears and nearly dragging him out of the house before he calms himself alittle but it still is not the behavior we would expect of him.

    We recently started a low dose of medication which the doctor said would be perfect after school and on weekends in social situations. It is not helping at all socially and only making things worse. Now we are thinking it is behavioral but is us not having the control to teach him?

    We don't know what to do and who can help us teach him appropriate social ques that will last during play dates.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    My son was first diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified then improved so much (and was ahead) so they rediagnosed him with ADHD/ODD.

    However, as time went on, it became clear that he was on the spectrum and needed those social issues addressed. He also fell behind in school a bit after his initial high of being ahead. Rather than playing with kids, he would run with them or make silly faces and noises, but even now, at sixteen, he is so much better, but he isn't that interactive with other kids. He has some school friends but isn't one to hang at a mall looking for girls like my other sixteen year olds did.

    My suggestion is to not be so quick to think he's off the spectrum if his social issues are still that extreme. Many spectrum kids do well in school. They just don't "get" social norms and they don't learn by observation. You may want to find out if the school would give give him social skills classes. Can he hold a give-and-take conversation or does he just monologue at you or answer "yes" and "no." Does he have any particular obsessions such as a love of cars and more knowledge than adults about them? Computers? Videogames only in the extreme? Does he know how to play without running around, making noises, getting into the faces of other kids, knocking things around? Can he, say, enjoy and comprehend soccer and play it appropriately? Does he know how to stay quiet in class when the teacher needs him to be?

    My mom gut is that it's not you or behavioral. I believe he's on the spectrum and this is how spectrum kids behave unless they are taught otherwise and given interventions. in my opinion he should see a neuropsychologist for another evaluation. Educators are not good diagnosticians. Frankly, neither are therapists and pediatricians. NeuroPsychs are very intensive in how they can go up to ten hours.

    medications will not help social skills. Interventions help.

    Welcome to the board. Others will come along :D
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    Hi mychica,

    Welcome to our forum. I'm surprised to hear of a doctor prescribing a medication for such a narrow use and time, which if I understand correctly is for social issues outside of school only. That's highly unusual. What medication is he on, what is the dosage, and how long has he been on it?

    You are right that medications can make things worse. That can be due to the wrong medication for the child, a dosage that's too high or too low, or because the child doesn't need medications at all.

    Sometimes with kids with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), the hyperactivity is actually activity due to sensory integration dysfunction and if that's the case, medications won't help and will probably make things worse. Have you had him evaluated by a private occupational therapist?

    The school could be doing much to help with social skills training but with his educational label changing to ADHD that will be less likely. It will be even less likely if he's doing well socially in school. Did a doctor remove that diagnosis or was that the school district?

    Because Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) was the original issue, I'd suggest that you still look to that camp for social skills training ideas. Check out these:
    1) Joy Berry books at amazon
    2) Model Me Kids DVDs (which I hear rave reviews about)
    3) Social stories (just google)
    4) Social skills classes are available in some communities through places such as Easter Seals, hospital or private speech therapy places, Children's Hospitals, Autism Clinics, etc.

    Is it only in the social skills area that he fights you or do you see a lot of non-compliance in other areas as well?

    Does it matter in non-school situations whether he's doing unstructured playtime vs. structured activity?