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    Hi! I certainly understand being alone and not knowing what to do when the children are agressive, fighting, melting down. boucing off the walls, etc. I really do not know what to do. All I know is the usual way my parents disciplined me does not work. If I say "no" which seems to be a target word, my S melts down. I had to learn to talk in a more postive way instead. I have to discipline in a positive way which is to have "carrots" to promote good behavior. Half the time, I don't even understand why my child is melting down.
    Does anyone think it is the pesticides in what we eat? I read that giving omega 3 and 6 helps ADD or hyperactivity. I have no idea to what to do with my G implusive behavior. Nothing seems to help? Anyone have any ideas. Then I have the other one that doesn't eat and melts down every minute. He also mimics bad behavior. Why couldn't it not be good behavior.
    I have no family around and friends would not understand this behavior. Needs some help badly...
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    Welcome to the board! Sounds like you found the right place.

    Please tell us a bit more about yourself and your situation

    How many children? What are their ages?
    Biological, steps or adopted?
    Married, single partnership?
    Any dxes (diagnoses)?
    Any problems at school?
    Any mental illness in the family - diagnosed or suspected?

    Pesticides, hormones chemicals, society, environment. Yeah, these ALL affect our kids these days, HOWEVER, these are not generally the only driving forces behind their behavior. Eliminating red dye #40 from my kids diet is helpful, but not a solution. Limiting High Fructose Corn syrup is helpful, but not the solution.

    Welcome again.:notalone:
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    Welcome! You 'll find out this forum is amazing. You found a great place for support.
    The parents around here will not give you a miracle answer, but they will help YOU find answers, solutions for your family.
    Tells us a bit about yourself and kids.
    Read the other threads, it will help as well.
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    hi- new to the forum-i have a 13 year old, formerly on adderal 15mg who has been off for over a year- at the end of her 7th grade i was sent an IEP update stating that they were expecting to be multiplying 7 and 8's next year.i was horrified as she was able to keep her math abilities on par with her peers up until grade 5. since working with her this summer, i have found that she is capable of long division.she initially began manipulating me pretending that she could not even divide by the number 2- once her step-father was home she confessed she was able to perform division. she spends more time manipulating and having emotional outbursts followed by dramatic interludes than learning- i have finally determined that my feeding into her games is unhealthy- but my greater concern is that my 13 year old is sorely behind her age group only just beginning grade 5 math. any advice on how to help her recognize the importance of learning?? any good books to help this weathered old lady? thank you for any information...
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    Hi Jojo! Welcome to the crowd! I'd suggest a neuropsychologist evaluation be done as soon as you can. We can't diagnose stuff on here, but there's a lot that you can learn from that type of testing. I'd also suggest an Occupational Therapy evaluation - if you're unable to identify what's causing the meltdowns, sensory over stimulation could be one of the culprits!

    Again, welcome - lots of experience on here and big shoulders to lean on!

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    krstlklr24, you might want to post in the general forum. Its more geared for 13 year olds than this one. Welcome all the same though.
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    welcome to our little corner of the world but sorry you had to, jojo. The way our parents disciplined us is NOT going to work with difficult child's. been there done that. I am glad you know how to be creative and change focus. That is going to come in handy.

    krstlklr24, you should start your own thread and introduce yourself to us. Since your daughter is 13, you can start one on General Parenting. But welcome to our family.

    You guys have come to the right place. These are wonderful parents with lots of experience dealing with most anything and shoulders wide enough for everyone to cry on.
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    Welcome! You've come to a good place. I very much felt like I was in your shoes when I joined (which wasn't that long ago). I believe the suggestions that I would have for you have already been said...

    So (((Hugs!)))

    Welcome and its nice to meet you!

    ~You also might want to check out the book 'The Explosive Child' by Ross Greene. It helped me greatly.~