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Hi I am clearly new here, can someone tell me what difficult child stands for?

My adult son came to my home yesterday demanding money, had a fit made a massive mess in my kitchen with my just picked tomatoes and proceeded to steal my bank card and take 1000.00. I am giving up now and though it makes me very sad, I can no longer allow myself to see him or interact with him.

I am reading here but it is hard to follow because I don't know all the anacronyms.



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Did you call the police and report him? He will be back, and it will get worse until you stop him in his tracks. He is an adult and regardless of any addiction or mental issues he is responsible for his choices.

You did not cause this nor can you fix him. Others will come along and speak much more eloquently on the subject. I tend to be a bit blunt. Do something nice for yourself today. When you are ready start reading articles on detachment and codependence. It is a long journey. You are not alone. You might want to do a signature, and tell us more about your son and the journey that led you here. Welcome to our corner of the world.


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You would get a bigger response on Parent Emeritus. This forum is mostly for miner age kids. PE is for adult children.

I'm sorry you are sad, but do feel it's time to send him on his way. How old is he?

difficult child is "Gift from God" sort of tongue in cheek. easy child, perfect child. husband dear husband.

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Hi there, sorry you are going through this. It sounds like he doesn't live with you, which is really good. Can you tell us more about him? Any psychiatric or addiction problems? Is he working? Has he finished school? Trouble with the law?

If you post in Parents Emeritus I think you'll get more replies.

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Welcome, Sadcat.

This site is a good, healing place for all of us. Parent Emeritus and Substance Abuse will help you know two very valuable and strengthening things: That you are not alone, and that nothing you did or did not do for, about, or to your son caused this.

Nothing you did created this situation.

Addiction destroys everyone it touches, but is hellish, is a living, breathing nightmare for the mothers and the fathers.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you and to your family.

You will find understanding and compassion, here in this safe place.

You aren't alone with the horror of what is happening, anymore.

Again Sadcat, welcome.



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Thank you everyone I have responded in Parents Emeritus to a thread that another kind member here started. It's not alot of fun... but I do feel oddly relieved.

Sorry about the wrong placement. I will respond on the thread in PE.