New High School really not going to be good...


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Daughter is worse didnt go in again today begging and screaming for us to get her out early of school to study for her test tomorrow ! She had all weekend but chose to stay in bed and stay attached to the electronics.Well today she stayed home to study all day but didnt do as she promised. ( well, she refused to get ready anyways unless I pulled her out early to study so she wasnt going one way or the other) She refuses to study and I took away her electronics again and she blew screaming to give them back then she will study! NO she wont she never keeps her promises anymore...! She screamed I hate you etc. I dont always say the right things back and argue more like a sibling then a parent at this point because Im done, sad, disappointed, scared, tired... :( Well I enrolled her already at the public school, just have go in and bring the shot record, ss # and birth record, oh school record .. tomorrow. The school will eat her alive because not only is this one of the most gang and drug affiliated schools in my town, with her lack of social and facial issues this will also add to this nightmare. Add I know shes so sensitive to everything as well as most likely will give into the drugs to fit in. People say the school has been better then before, ya cuz theres more cops there!

Another issue was this weekend - We told her Friday to go Saturday for a costume in the morning she said yes and Sat came and for two hours we tried to get her up to go she wouldnt get up. Finally she said said she will "go tomorrow" and we told her we are still taking her brother she said fine. She then on Sunday at 3pm wanted to go when she finally made an entrance out of her room I said ask grandpa if he will take you now, she said " wait you and brother aren't going" I said no, he was not good at the store and you can go she blew and yelled forget it we didnt invite her etc!! What the?? She refuses to go to school and when brother goes she yells" you give brother what he wants- he went to school I wanted to go too!!!!! she didnt...She turns it around on us!! Im far from perfect and wish I did things way differently for almost everything in my life but on my moms grave we kept trying to get her up weekend and today... we do it nicely and gently then the battle begins when SHE refuses!

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The defiance is just so wearing isn't it? easy child/difficult child is the one like that in our house and it drives me crazy. Now that she is 21 it has been getting better but she still has enough of those moments to let me know she still has a lot of maturing.

I'm so sorry you are struggling with this.


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Thank you WipedOut, its hard and I never expected this from her.. well of course little teenage stuff but not like this. Im glad to hear your daughter is doing better, and hope she continues to improve! I just am not sure how to handle it .. I mean regular issues and add these extra mental health issues yikes!!! Do I give in more just because these added issues are there? I don't know its confusing and scary for me because I dont want to do the wrong thing.. Thank u