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    I think most of us have seen the gifts in a jar. They are common around here and always welcome, at least in my family, lol. I saw a version of it that had ingredients for a ids' snack but put into a water bottle. It was chocolate to melt, pretzel sticks to dip, and candies and sprinkles to put on the melted chocolate. I thought that was really cute. You could do all sorts of things.

    I also saw the ingredients from a jar that were put into a cone. You can get disposable pastry tubes in the Wilton aisle at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. You just put your stuff in those and then decorate them. You may have to adjust the amt that you put into the cone, but I have some that fit the recipes that I give in jars. The advantage of the cones is that they are not as heavy, they are not breable, and they sure don't cost as much as buying quart jars. Around here they are very hard to find at yard sales and thrift stores.

    I thought I would mention this because the cost of jars here is nuts. If you have HObby Lobby, they always ahve a coupon on line and often it is for 40% off one item, which makes the disposable pastry bags (used for frosting, etc...) very affordable!

    You CAN find these at some party stores, but here they are about $1.50 per bag and that makes them also quite expensive when a roll of 25 is under $5 here!
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    I bought most of my jars at tag sales, the really nice big Ball jars, quart sized. They are perfect for filling with varieties of cookies and a handful of christmas kisses, tie a festive ribbon around the top. It's just enough, it's easy and pretty.

    I'm looking for any and all home grown gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!
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    I just posted about DIY shrinky dinks. I have some painted metal water bottles that had insulating bands that went around them. They were under $2 each and I am making a new cover to go on them. They were so cheap because they had initials and it seems that I and Q are not popular. Some pretty fabric sewn into shape and used to cover the other band with make them festive and appropriate and fun. Filled with candy or maybe some of those sticks of drink mix that go in water bottles and they will be a fun gift.

    Somewhere I have a book about food gifts packaged in spoonfuls. You make a drink or dip or soup mix and package it with a plastic spoon, then open the plastic over the base (cream cheese, milk, whatever) and make your treat. They look pretty cool. I will find it and post some recipes in a day or three - there is a white chocolate dip that sounds amazing.